Best unusual abilities Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Weirdly Good Minecraft Server

    Weirdly Good Minecraft Server
    Are you a master at stacking blocks in a perfectly symmetrical pattern? Do you have an uncanny ability to find diamonds within minutes of starting a new world? Then you need to join our Minecraft server, where your weird talents will finally be appreciated!

    We have a secret underground society of players who communicate solely through interpretive dance. If you can perform the Chicken Dance flawlessly, you’ll fit right in.

    Our server is home to the legendary Pigman King, who will grant you three wishes if you can defeat him in a game of musical chairs. But be warned, he’s a sore loser.

    Forget about building boring old houses and farms – on our server, we have a competition for the most outrageous and impractical builds. Can you construct a functioning roller coaster that goes through the Nether? Or a house made entirely out of TNT? The possibilities are endless!

    So if you’re tired of playing on boring, ordinary servers and want to embrace your weird talents in a truly unique and wacky world, join us today!

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  • Ostercrack 1.20.4: Mature Vanilla Adventures Await!

    Ostercrack 1.20.4: Mature Vanilla Adventures Await!
    🌍 Greetings, Minecraft Enthusiasts! 🌍

    In search of a server that resonates with your style? Look no further! OsterCrack is where the excitement unfolds, and we’re currently immersed in our 5th season that commenced on November 18th, 2023.

    Whether you thrive in survival challenges, revel in creative expression, or delve into technical intricacies, OsterCrack has a niche crafted just for you. Dive into a realm where limitless possibilities await, and each player brings a unique essence to the collective experience.

    Survival Players, get ready for thrilling adventures in a vast world teeming with challenges and victories. Teamwork and strategy reign supreme in the untamed wilderness.

    Creative Minds, the canvas is yours to paint! Our Vanilla server serves as a boundless playground for your imagination – build, sculpt, and shape a world that authentically mirrors your creativity.

    Technical Enthusiasts, welcome to your Redstone haven! Craft intricate circuits, automate farms, and let your technical brilliance shine. Showcase your creations and bask in the admiration of like-minded peers.

    At OsterCrack, we recognize that life extends beyond the blocky landscapes. Our server is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily routine, ensuring that gaming harmonizes effortlessly with your life.

    In the spirit of maturity, respect is the cornerstone of our community. OsterCrack fosters an environment where courtesy and consideration are fundamental. We believe in cultivating a community where each player’s unique playstyle is not merely acknowledged but genuinely appreciated.

    Join us on this exhilarating adventure as we craft unforgettable Minecraft moments together! Your journey awaits—see you in the game! 🌐⛏️🎨🔧

    So now it’s your time to tell us a little bit about yourself.Please use the template stated below.

      Introduction:Minecraft username, Name, age, and a positive aspect or interest you’d like to share?

      Minecraft Preferences:Favorite aspect of Minecraft (building, exploring, redstone engineering, etc.)?

      Rewarding Builds/Projects:Types of builds or projects you find most rewarding in Minecraft?

      Favorite Minecraft Memory:Your favorite Minecraft memory or achievement from past gameplay?

      Community Involvement:Experience with other Minecraft communities or servers and your overall experience?

      Goals on Our Server:Specific goals or achievements you’re aiming to accomplish on the server?

    Server Details:

      Hosted in Frankfurt.Latest Minecraft version: 1.20.4 Trails & Tales.Running since Minecraft version 1.15.2 Buzzy Bees, released on December 17, 2019.

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. we are more than happy to help!!!!!

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  • Helmore Online

    Helmore Online


    Helmore Online is a spigot/bukkit based survival SMP, with a minimalist style and few plug-ins. Come here to build, chat, hang out, and explore.

    recent plugins include:

    -/rtp to randomly teleport -essentials(/warp /home) -vk(vote kick plugin) -GriefPrevention/Claim shovel (claim land, stops griefers from griefing your builds. learn more here)

    Rules and other information will be on the server’s spawn.

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  • ParinaCraft


    PärinäCraft is one of most biggest server in finland. Pärinäcraft is one of the largest servers in Finland.

    Server focus to the skywars gamemode. The server is aimed at the skywars game format.

    Server IP

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  • Leviatan


    We are a server founded in 2012. Which is still managed by the same founder. We are currently a bungee server (multiple servers connected to each other), so you can play with us on several servers that we work on daily. Furthermore, on these servers you can find hundreds of plugins, both paid and unpaid. For example slimefun, residence, skywars, bedwars, mobaréna, mcmmo, Jobs…….. You can also join us on social media or youtube / twitch…… TikTok -> Instagram -> Discord – YouTube -> Server IP -> TS3 – > Web -> TikTok -> Instagram -> Discord -> We are also not afraid to always have open recruitment without an age limit.

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  • Kingdom of Anomaly

    Kingdom of Anomaly
    Kingdom of
    Server Features
    • Backpacks• Custom Crafting Recipes• Custom Structures• Dynmap• Enchantment Solutions(Custom Enchantments)• Even More Fish• Jobs• Key Crates• mcMMO• Mob Arena• Player Portals• Quests• Quickshop(Chest Shops)• Silk Spawners• Spawn Shops• Towny

    We are a small community that is working on expanding our player base. We have frequent updates and seasonal events where players can redeem event currency for items that are custom made by our staff. Our goal is to add onto what Minecraft already has but still keeping it simple like vanilla Minecraft. Some of the plugins we have are Build Portals, Custom Crafting, Enchantment Solutions, Even More Fish, Jobs, Magic, mcMMO, Mythic Mobs, Towny and more! If you are looking for a unique experience on a vanilla server we can guarantee you have never been on a server like ours. Most of our community used to play on a yaoi server together which is why we are an adult server. Anyone is welcome to join whether you are straight or lgbtq as long as you are 18+.

    Donations | Discord | Shop | Gallery
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  • Trade Haven SMP – Survival | Ranks | No Grief | Land Claiming | Custom Items

    Trade Haven SMP – Survival | Ranks | No Grief | Land Claiming | Custom Items
    Trade Haven SMP Server Logo

    Java IP: TradeHavenSMP.comBedrock IP: Discord

    AboutJoin us in the dynamic realm of Trade Haven, where Minecraft takes on new life. Our server offers a playground of endless possibilities, inviting you and your friends to define your own journey, be it one of intense challenges or tranquil creation. Experience Play to Win at its best with Trade Haven’s unique features, each tailored to enrich your gaming escapades:

    Skillful Progression: Level up your skills for exciting rewards, acknowledging your achievements with tangible recognition.Build Your Domain: Stake your claim to land, collaborating with friends to build lasting structures that reflect your ingenuity.Uncover and Elevate: Discover spawners, acquire and upgrade them to increase income.Dungeons: Find mobs and earn rare loot, custom items and strong spawners!Daily Quests: Engage with daily quests under the guidance of the quest master, earning rewards!Mystery Loot: Seek out loot box drops, injecting an element of surprise and joy into your journey.Token Shop Treasures: Collect tokens and access a shop offering enhanced loot and exclusive items, amplifying your adventure.Pathways to Prosperity: Pursue various jobs to earn in-game currency, fostering a sense of accomplishment and wealth.Skill Advancement: Excel in your chosen profession, climbing the ranks through dedication and honing your abilities.Unique Gear Hunt: Search for custom items that enhance gameplay, adding depth to your adventures.Custom Enchantments: Unlock the potential of Custom Enchantments, infusing your gear with enhanced capabilities.Daily Rewards: Reap daily login benefits, a testament to your commitment and engagement.Thrilling Expeditions: Set out in search of loot boxes, adding an element of anticipation to your exploration.

    Trade Haven offers more than a server; it’s a canvas for your imagination, a place to weave friendships, and a world where your journey begins. Embrace the call of Trade Haven and start your adventure today.

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  • Babylon


    Babylon is a server on version 1.20.1 which makes use of a custom modpack put together.

    Mod Highlights: Create, Ars Nouveau, Vampires and Werewolves, Forbidden and Arcanus, Occultism, Eidolon, Deeper and Darker, and Better Combat!

    Key Features: Claims, PvP-lite, Techy Mods, Magic Mods, a better combat system, lots of optimization mods, and more!

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  • TAP-Minecraft Server

    TAP-Minecraft Server

    TAP-Minecraft – Dein Freebuild Minecraft Server (Freebuild, GS, Adventure, Farming, Skyblock, uvm.)

    Our features: – Minecraft 1.8 mit Plugins – Pure freebuild/survival without fixed properties – Plot World – Extra farm worlds – Own adventure map – PVP Maps – Market/money system – Where players die, graves spawn – Skyblock

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  • AuroEarth MC [1.20.4]

    AuroEarth MC [1.20.4]
    AuroEarth MC is a towny geopolitical sandbox serverfor Minecraft. We offer a custom 1:500 scale earth world for towns and nations to prosper.


    Server IP

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    Hello, PMC! Check out Stinky SMP! This is a 1.20.1 and updating server, with an emphasis on fair moderation (appeals, and punishment only for true rulebreaks), extreme longevity (absolutely NO resets, you could play here for years!) and welcoming inclusivity of all people and playstyles. Be you a nomad, builder, PVPer, trader or anything, you’ll find a place here. Any reason you can’t? Make a suggestion, we’ll look at it!GREAT PERFORMANCE!
    Our vanilla+ modpack with many performance optimisers ensures minimal client-side lag. Server-side, we have 16 gigs of ram + dedicated processor cores up to 4.8 GHz and featuring 4 vCores of a Ryzen 9 5950X CPU.

    WANT BLOODSHED? WANT PEACE AND LOVE? HAVE BOTH!The server operates on a Safezone-Borderlands system, where a continuously expanding 4k-radius area centred on spawn has claims, graves and disallows (unless with consent) griefing, killing and stealing. The Borderlands is much more resource-rich but allows griefing, killing and stealing and has no claims or graves. A big update is coming to the Borderlands, which adds lore centred on dead gods and adds a territory system where you can take over areas in the Borderlands for power and wealth.

    THE ORIGINS MOD!We have a very special mod, the Origins mod! Along with the 9 base origins, we have roughly 55 custom origins, all carefully reviewed so that we can make sure each one is balanced, unique and well designed! You can even suggest custom origins, but it’ll have to be high quality. Of course, if you don’t like this mod, or don’t like your current origin, you can always pick Human or use your free two changes/craft an origin change.Here’s the server invite!: 1.20.1
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