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Essencetial Minecraft Servers

Best Essencetial Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Vanilla SMP: The Essencetial Minecraft Experience

    Vanilla SMP: The Essencetial Minecraft Experience
    MC Essence <a href="">Server</a>

    MC Essence Server Overview

    Server Type Vanilla SMP
    Season Third Season (Started in 2021)
    Main Theme Old school Minecraft fun
    Rules No griefing or stealing

    Join our discord:

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Question Answer
    Is MC Essence a vanilla SMP? Yes, MC Essence is a vanilla SMP server.
    When was MC Essence started? MC Essence was started in 2021 and is currently on its third season.
    What is the main theme of this season? The main theme is old school Minecraft fun.
    Are griefing and stealing allowed on MC Essence? No, griefing and stealing are not allowed. Plugins are in place to rollback any damage or theft caused by griefers.

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  • FutureMC Skyblock

    FutureMC Skyblock

    Hello have you been in search for a new skyblock server, I think you’re search is now over Come join us on your adventure and have the time of you’re life!

    Server Features: – Custom Resource Pack – Minions – Custom Plugins – Custom Mission – Custom Islands – Bridge Themes – Player Skills

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  • PvPCharge


    PvPCharge is a network of Minecraft servers released on February 10th. We have a lot of experience with hosting fun, popular and unique servers!

    Our Current Servers: – Skyblock – Prisons – Factions

    Join Today! –

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  • Surviland


    Come play on our exciting Minecraft Survival server called Surviland! We have a lot of interesting things to keep you entertained. Connect now to and join the fun in our supported versions from 1.9 to 1.20. We are waiting for you to live the adventure!

    Enter now using the IP:

    #MinecraftSurvival #AssuredFun #SurvilandHasReturned

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  • The Tartarus Network

    The Tartarus Network

    Welcome to the realm of demons and nightmares, full of ancient treasures, friends and foes alike. Welcome to The Tartarus Network..

    Here at the network, we take what people want and make it into reality. Whether it be more mobs, items, or recipes for crafting, we’re always here to help! Current servers include our Elemental Reborn project, a revival of a much more ancient land, and the hidden foes and powers within…

    We hope you enjoy the ride, and have a good time!

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  • Terra Nova

    Terra Nova

    Draw Forth and Join the Ranks of Terra Nova, A Vanilla Survival Server! (18+) Our 1.20.1 server is once again recruiting players from all corners of the earth to join our amazing community. We are an 18+ only community, and cater to those ages.

    We are a purely community server. We are catered to your enjoyment and do not sell roles, ranks or benefits on the server. We are a free to play community that aims at bringing creative players together and foster a community that lasts.

    To join, simple press on our discord server invite link!

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  • OakMC


    We are an up and coming Minigames Network, releasing on the 7th October! We have Skyblock, BlockWars, our own custom Minigame and Survival with some of our own custom structures and mobs!

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  • ChillZone SMP

    ChillZone SMP

    ChillZone SMP is a new whitelisted semi-vanilla Minecraft server where community is highly valued, and players have a say in server decisions. The server has been around for 4 years and features a user-friendly land-claiming plugin, various vanilla tweaks, Discord linking, Dynmap, player shops, and a diamond-based player-controlled economy. The staff members are all friendly, experienced, and fair, and the server rules are relaxed, prohibiting things like exploiting, griefing, stealing, and abuse. Join the excitement today by filling out a quick application form on the ChillZone Discord!


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  • Zentrium


    Zentrium is a survival server with nations and towns, advanced fishing, Coliseum where people kill each other, purchaseable player shops at spawn, Fishing competitions, Revive friends, Protect your items, Trade with others, propose to others, pose to others, join now.

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  • McBloof SMP Server

    McBloof SMP Server

    Welcome to McBloof, your gateway to an unparalleled Minecraft experience that combines the best of survival gameplay with a thriving economy and a welcoming, tight-knit community. Step into a sprawling, breathtaking world where the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. In McBloof, survival is just the beginning; it’s a canvas upon which you can paint your adventures, friendships, and accomplishments. (ty AI)

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  • OG-Network


    OG Network is a Minecraft server that offers a thrilling and challenging game mode: Lifesteal SMP. In this mode, you can steal health from other players by killing them, but you can also lose health if you are killed. This adds a new layer of strategy and excitement to the survival experience. You will need to team up with your friends, as you can’t fight alone in this ruthless world. OG Network also features custom biomes, daily-spawning bosses, and unique gear sets to collect. Join now and see if you have what it takes to survive and thrive in Lifesteal SMP!

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