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Active Economy Minecraft Servers

Best Active Economy Minecraft Servers 2024

  • HearthCraft: Where the only thing we grief is the buffet table! Java 1.20.2, no resets, just good times. Join us, average 15 online

    HearthCraft: Where the only thing we grief is the buffet table! Java 1.20.2, no resets, just good times. Join us, average 15 online

    HearthCraft Minecraft Server Overview

    Description Details
    HearthCraft Server Type No-griefing economy SMP
    Server Establishment October 2018


    What is the server reset policy?

    The server will never reset. The world dates back to July 2019.

    Is there a pay-to-win system on the server?

    No, HearthCraft has a 0% pay-to-win store. Verify for yourself here.

    Are there any specific rules regarding hate speech?

    There is a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate speech on the server.

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  • HeartburnCraft: Where our economy isn’t the only thing on fire! Join us on Java 1.20.2 for some chaotic fun! Avg. 15 online

    HeartburnCraft: Where our economy isn’t the only thing on fire! Join us on Java 1.20.2 for some chaotic fun! Avg. 15 online

    HearthCraft Minecraft Server Overview:

    Feature Description
    Server Type No-griefing economy server
    Pay-to-win 0% pay-to-win store
    Established October 2018

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will the server ever reset?

    The server will never reset. The world dates back to July 2019.

    2. Is there a pay-to-win perk system?

    No, there is a 0% pay-to-win perk system on the server.

    3. Are there resource worlds?

    Yes, there are resource worlds that reset monthly.

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  • Get wrecked and craft the insta way on InstaCraft server! No grief, just fun and survival with the gang!

    Get wrecked and craft the insta way on InstaCraft server! No grief, just fun and survival with the gang!

    InstaCraft Minecraft Server Overview

    Server Details

    What’s New

    🌐 Brand-New Market Unveiled: Unleash your trading skills at our newly launched player market! Buy, sell, and thrive in this bustling new economy. Check out the attached photos for a sneak peek!

    About Us

    • 🚀 Established and Going Strong: With over two years in the game, InstaCraft ensures longevity and stability for your gameplay experience.
    • 💡 Our Vision: Launched on 3/3/2020, InstaCraft was born with the aim of fostering a fun, community-based public server with minimal restrictions in a non-toxic environment.


    • Active Economy: Engage in creating player shops and utilizing the Auction House worry-free from theft or griefing.
    • Quality of Life Enhancements: Elevate your vanilla gameplay with features like /dback, Multiplayer sleep, Silk Spawners, and more!
    • Minimal Plugins: Keep it simple with a quick check of our plugins (/plugins).
    • Vibrant Community: Join our active Discord community and be a part of the conversation.
    • Non-restrictive Gameplay: We encourage free gameplay while prohibiting unproductive actions such as cheating or griefing. Report any incidents, and our vigilant staff will handle them promptly.

    Who We Are

    Whether you’re a casual Minecrafter or an enthusiast exploring the technical limits of the game, InstaCraft caters to you! We welcome players who contribute positively to our vibrant community. If you have any queries or wish to dive right in, ask below or join our Discord server!


    Question Answer
    How long has InstaCraft been around? InstaCraft has been established for over two years, providing a stable gameplay experience.
    What sets InstaCraft apart from other Minecraft servers? InstaCraft prides itself on its non-toxic community, active economy, and minimal plugin approach to gameplay.
    Can players create their own shops on InstaCraft? Yes, players can engage in creating player shops and utilize the Auction House for trading.
    Is griefing allowed on InstaCraft? No, griefing and cheating are prohibited on InstaCraft. Players are encouraged to report any incidents for prompt handling by staff.

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  • FroobWorld






    FroobWorld is a small survival server that’s been going since 2011. If you enjoy the old-school style of SMPyou will probably enjoy our server.

    Our rules are pretty standard. Essentially – no griefing; no stealing; and no cheating. We keep the chat at PG-13 levels.

    Some features of FroobWorld:

    • Land claimingwith no limit to the size (within reason)
    • Lockette-style chest locking
    • /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back
    • Long-term maps
    • 32 view distance
    • We don’t take donations or give prizes in exchange for votes

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  • TownThrive


    TownThrive is a geopolitical SMP which focuses on prospering sprawling towns, trading, and also war. The server has an extremely active community and there is pretty much no end to all of it. The server has a very unique approach to gameplay with the Nether and End dimensions removed. You may be shocked from this, but it makes the server more immersive as you have to take a plane or a boat to locations on the map. The server has a vanilla approach and hands-off administration with no commands like /tp or /home as well as rules to prevent bad experiences. Join the Discord to enter the server and to be whitelisted.

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  • Moonlit


    🌙 Welcome to Moonlit Network – Your Ultimate Factions Experience! 🌙

    Are you ready for an unforgettable Minecraft Factions adventure? Join us at Moonlit Network and immerse yourself in an action-packed journey filled with epic battles, daring raids, and strategic alliances.

    What Sets Us Apart:

    ✨ Dynamic Gameplay: Engage in intense Factions battles with custom features and plugins designed to enhance your gaming experience.

    ✨ Welcoming Community: Join a friendly and inclusive community of Minecraft enthusiasts who share your passion for Factions gameplay.

    ✨ Dedicated Staff: Our knowledgeable staff team is committed to providing you with the best possible gaming experience and support.

    Why Join Moonlit Network:

    🌟 Regular Events: Participate in exciting events, competitions, and tournaments with fantastic prizes.

    🌟 Exclusive Rewards: Unlock perks, rewards, and privileges as you progress through our server.

    🌟 Thriving Economy: Engage in a player-driven economy where you can trade resources and build your wealth.

    🌟 Endless Adventure: Explore a vast world filled with treasures, dungeons, and boss battles.

    Ready to embark on your next Factions adventure? Join us on Moonlit Network today and experience the thrill of conquest and domination!

    🌐 Discord Invite Link: .gg/7HKK3BSbM

    See you on the battlefield, warriors! 🌙✨

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  • VanillaSmithCraft


    🌐 IP:

    🎮 Version: Java/Bedrock 1.20.4 CROSSPLAY

    🌍 Server Location: CANADA

    🌲 Survival SMP 🌲 SURVIVAL

    🚩 RandomTeleport: Random teleport /RTP if you want to find a place to start quicker!

    🌀 Warps: Set warps to a location you want to keep!

    💎 Daily Rewards: We offer daily rewards for players that join daily /daily

    🏡 Homes: Set home /sethome

    🔹 Claiming System 🚩: Protect your hard work! Raiding is not allowed, and players can claim land to keep their builds safe from griefing

    🌐 Join now and become part of our community at !

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  • CloudMC Season 4 23rd February

    CloudMC Season 4 23rd February

    CloudMC season 4 has officially launched and it’s time for you to play!

    The map of CloudMC season 4 will be something you have never seen! The world will be split into three vertical dimensions, those being a cave world, the overworld and sky islands

    To claim a nation, you make a team in-game to set your home, and use the map in discord to mark your land so its protected from griefers and thieves. Claims are enforced through staff, so any damage done by outsiders will be rolled back.

    When you have a nation to server, its important to establish relations with others, like alliances and trade deals. This is to build up your own power and perhaps undermine your rival’s power.

    If you need to, you can declare war. In wars, KeepInventory is turned off, and its a team deatchmatch to control the battlefield. And remember, good planning, clever tactics and dicipline amongst your soldiers is the key to success! (example of war

    The server is moderated by staff that is elected by the community every month. This is to ensure that the community is heard and to make the server the best place it can be. The rules even are on github, which means everyone can efficiently suggest specific changes that can be approved/denied by staff.

    Bedrock is supported

    IP: (server will launch 23rd Feb)


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  • Caledonian SMP

    Caledonian SMP

    Hey there, welcome to Caledonian SMP!

    We’re a small server that started a fresh world 2 weeks ago and are looking to add some new faces to our group. We are a mostly vanilla SMP featuring a few datapacks as well as Simple Voice Chat (optional), DiscordIntegration, and Dynmap to enhance the experience and encourage collaboration within the community. To see a more in depth list of server features join our discord!


    1. Be a good person. respect other people and use common sense
    2. No greifing or raiding/stealing of other people builds or items
    3. No cheats or hacks. Mods such as optifine, minimap, and JEI are allowed and not considered cheating.
    4. No Item duping. TNT duping is allowed, but general item duping is not.
    5. Must be 18 or older to join the server.

      If any of this sounds interesting to you, join our discord and apply!

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  • V For Vanilla

    V For Vanilla

    Server IP:

    Server Discord:

    Version: Java 1.20.4

    V For Vanilla is a vanilla SMP started on the 4th of December, 2021. Our goal is to provide players with a true vanilla, unaltered gameplay experience. We have minimal admin intervention, giving players the freedom to play the game how they like, while keeping things fair for everyone by banning cheaters. To keep the vanilla experience authentic there are no game changing plugins or commands.

    We have a small community with many people from all around the world. If you are looking for a true vanilla experience we welcome you to join us.

    We hope to see you soon on V!

    Server Info:

    • World Border At 30M
    • No Map Resets
    • Random, unprotected spawn area
    • No TPA or Introduction
    • Griefing & Killing Allowed
    • No Duping (Exception for TNT bombers)
    • Chat isn’t strictly moderated
    • Dedicated server hosted in Finland

    Server Rules:

    • Doxing is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban
    • Cheating is a 3 Month temp ban, permanent on second offense

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  • ZillaSMP


    ZillaSMP; Kingdoms and Politics

    ZillaSMP is a Germanic/Latin medieval roleplay SMP with kingdoms, naval warfare, tradable currency, and light RPG mechanics. It’s almost like an entirely new game inside of Minecraft! (no mods are required to join)

    ZillaSMP is set in a time between King Alfred the Great’s death, and the formation of England; just as King Alfred’s kingdom of Wessex took its last stand against the vikings. It’s not intended to be 100% historically or geographically accurate, it’s meant to serve as a playable “alternate timeline” that is written through player actions and roleplay.

    As with any roleplay server, there are many different roles you can choose or be selected for; knight, pirate, viking, lord, liege, etc. There are many kingdoms spread out in ZillaSMP’s 20k by 20k sized map; allowing chances for trade, war, conflict, and negotiations.


    • Different medieval faction types, like kingdoms, knighthoods, trade guilds, and viking tribes
    • A feudalistic hierarchy and land claim system
    • Lore, which is written through player roleplay
    • Proximity-based voice chat
    • An RPG mob leveling system based on experience
    • Tradable currency and chest shops
    • Cannons
    • Real boats that you can build, captain, and attach cannons to
    • Real tactical planning and defense building

    More Information

    To learn more about ZillaSMPplease check out our gameplay guide!

    ZillaSMP Gameplay Guide:

    How to Join

    To join ZillaSMPplease join our Discord server and follow the instructions in the ZillaSMP Info channel!

    ZillaSMP Discord:

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  • Silvermons


    Silvermons is a non pay-to-win friendly community Pixelmon Reforged server with content for both casual and competitive players. The server has a custom level cap and rank progression system that includes our exclusive Gyms, Elite 4, Battle Tower, and the formidable Champion’s Gauntlet. Beyond this progression system, the server has of content for players of all interests. This includes our Weekly Tournaments with multiple formats, unique Player Gym system, Fun Events, and more!

    • Server IP:

    • We are running Pixelmon Reforged on Minecraft 1.16.5

    • Modpack: The Pixelmon Modpack (

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  • Parallel


    Looking for a server that lets you explore like never before? Welcome to Parallela semi-vanilla SMP where players can travel through rifts between worlds in order to face great dangers, traverse uncharted territory, and collect gleaming treasure. Featuring a vibrant community and continuous updates, you’re sure to never get bored.

    🔮 IP Address (1.20+): 🎉 Join our Discord:

    💻 Server Website:

    📸 Server Photos: (“Server Images” tab)

    Server Features

    • Parallel Worlds & Open-World Gameplay: Our new overworld and our older overworld are interconnected! In fact, it’s more like open-universe gameplay. Players aren’t restricted from exploring all aspects of vanilla Minecraft, and they can also check out space, a sky dimension, and much more! Secrets are uncovered around every corner…
    • Custom Features: Explore rifts to other worlds, discover custom structures and fight through difficult custom dungeons, interact and trade with characters, add charms to your items, and much, much more!
    • Active, Dynamic Community: You’ll never have trouble finding a friendly face on here! Players are also willing to help you out in any way possible, whether it be building, fighting, or gathering resources. Join our Discord to learn about our regular server events!
    • Participate in Lore: Players actively shape the server’s story that has been taking place since April 2020 – learn more about it here!
    • Active Economy: An actively-maintained Shopping District featuring dozens of vanilla chest shops! Characters also sell custom goods in and around the spawn town!
    • Quality of Life Improvements: Better wandering traders, shooting stars, player + mob head drops, XP storage… no detail is too small!
    • NO LAG: Parallel uses dedicated server hardware to deliver you a constant stream of 20 TPS, lagless gameplay

    Server Rules

    • No griefing/looting (staff can roll back damages)
    • No hacking (our anticheat mitigates hacked clients)
    • Be respectful when interacting with other players through chat and gameplay
    • A fuller set of rules can be found on our website!

    So what are you waiting for? Join Parallel to start crafting your journey today!

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