Brand New (Started 05/14)Versions: 1.20.4 to 1.20.6IP Address:

Many years ago, skyblock was the number one gamemode in minecraft. Now, it’s a wasteland. The few servers left are overly complex, have pointless features, have a /shop where everything can be bought for pennies, and only donors or the admin’s friends can get ahead.

Bountycraft fixes this. This is a classic-style skyblock server. Based largely on my experience playing Skyblock as a little kid a decade ago.

This server is authentic, simple and fair. Offering the skyblock plugin, the iconic original island, and chestshop for a player-run economy. That’s it.

There’s no pay-to-win, no endless spam, GUIs or tutorials, no flashy ranks, no admin shops that kill the economy, no kits, no crates, no spawned-in items, and so on. It’s not easy, everything has to done by the players themselves

Built by players who experienced skyblock at it’s best, for a new generation of islanders.

Bountycraft is a tribute and a successor to the golden-era of Skyblock servers. Skyblock as it’s meant to be.

It’s rustic and rough around the edges, that’s on purpose and how it should be. I’m hoping to create a chilled out, friendly environment, where you can be as competitive or casual as you want.

RULES -> No hacking, cheating, exploits, hateful language, bullying, toxicity… basically don’t be a prick. That pretty much covers it but more detailed rules can be found ingame. Fairness is going to be paramount on here, so you can be assured that players caught cheating will just be banned immediately.

NOTES ->> You cannot buy ANYTHING at spawn or an adminshop. If you want something, you have to get it yourself or find a player who will sell it to you. The economy is setup to be built and handled by the players themselves, you can make your own chestshops and there’s a place at the spawn for players to advertize their own private shops or businesses.> Mending enchants and Netherite upgrades are blocked. To restore classic-style gameplay, and to keep things interesting.> PvP is off by default, but each player can toggle it on/off if they want to PvP on an island.

The server currently supports Java 1.20.4-1.20.6 clients

It started fresh today, but there hasn’t been a launch or anything, I’m hoping to get a few people on to get it started. If you want to play proper skyblock in a fair, friendly environment, come check it out =)

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