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  • Gb network

    Gb network

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    New Minecraft Server
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  • Baine Junior High School

    Baine Junior High School

    About The Server


    Server Just launched! So much to see and do on the server.

    The server is locally hosted and monitored.

    We do nightly updates to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Nightly backups to protect everyone’s builds!

    Our main goal on the server is to enjoy ourselves with others who enjoy playing Minecraft!

    We do use a few datapacks on the server (listed below) to bring the server together.

    Datapacks Used on Server


    One person sleep

    AFK Displace

    Anti Creeper Grief

    Back ( /trigger back )

    Bat Membranes ( Making bats useful )

    Fast Leaf Decay

    Home ( /trigger home , /trigger sethome )

    Spawn ( /trigger spawn )

    Server Rules


    Members must be at least 18+ years old.

    Members must respect other players and their builds.

    Members must both agree to friend pvp,

    Members may play FRIENDLY pranks on each other

    Members must be apart of our Discord server as well.

    Members may Stream and/or record on this server (Though, not required).

    Join Our Discord!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • 1:2 Creative Factions Server

    1:2 Creative Factions Server

    Ever been interested in creating your very own Nation? Well in CS Memorial Earth is a 1:2000 scale Earth realm where you can claim your favorite countries or cities, or join a Nation that has been already made. The only limit in this realm is your own imagination, whatever you can imaging you can create! A Nations power is based off of how many points the nation has which can be acquired through builds being done. This realm is perfect for anyone who enjoys the creative aspects of Minecraft, along with the aspects of a diplomatic and geopolitical server!

    Please comment your discord below to be sent an invite to the discord!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • The Archana SMP

    The Archana SMP

    The Archana SMP


    Howdy! welcome to The Archana SMP, a lore based modded SMP. We’re pretty cool with an active player base, snazzy modpack, and special weapons scattered around the map in special temples. Alongside this, we have a 24/7 server with 16 Gigs, soon to be more so a generally Lag free experience is to be expected. We have a 7k by 7k world border that expands by 5k with each set of temples being placed.

    What are the weapons?

    We use a mod called “Simply Swords” which have unique weapons, each having their own abilities and quirks to make them special and powerful! Holders of said weapons are called “Overlords” and have a higher respect from the Divine Judgement above. They cannot be crafted, only found in those temples mentioned before.

    Main Mods we have:

    Fabric Mods,

    1.19.2 Create (With some addons)

    Aylyth Farmer’s Delight


    Pufferfish’s Skills



    (Alot of performance mods)

    CPM (Customizable Player Models)

    Expert Weapons and Tools & Expert Armor


    You’re in grave danger


    Simply Swords

    Here’s the link. Hope to see you there 😉

    New Minecraft Server
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  • IronReach SMP

    IronReach SMP

    Want the Hermitcraft experience with a mature twist? IronReach is a brand-new server with a clean world. It will be focused on the classic survival/building experience, collaborative projects, and lasting friendships! If you’re 20+ and crave a chill, community-driven place to call home, this could be it!

    What is it all about?

    Community: Making friends, planning events, a bustling shopping district, and anything we come up with over time!

    Light Roleplay: Adding flavor to the world, but nothing too serious, don’t try to take anything too seriously.

    Vanilla+ Enhancements: There is a set of datapacks and mods to make life on the server more enjoyable and smooth with the possibility for some added fun but nothing game-changing. See all the server info here:

    (I will ofc help you with the mods once you join the server, so don’t feel intimidated)

    Who am I?

    I am a 26-year-old Software Engineering student from the Netherlands. I go to the gym and I have a current love for plants. I look forward to seeing you on the server!

    Interested? Fill out the short application form, if you are selected I will add you to the discord server and we can start building a great community! (p.s. you want to join with your friend, mention them somewhere in the form and let your friend also fill in the form)

    REMINDER: 20+ years old only Apply:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Best Vanilla

    Best Vanilla

    Looking for a unwhitelisted basic vanilla server to play on with a great community? Look no further. I started a vanilla server with one plugin that can rollback griefing and looting so you don’t have to worry! The server will never be reset and will slowly expand over time.


    New Minecraft Server
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  • The Century SMP

    The Century SMP

    If you’re like me and tired of servers overloaded with fantasy lore and superpowers, then our server might be just what you’re looking for. We’re going old-school with a completely vanilla experience and a lore that’s as real as it gets – no scripts, no fantasy fluff.

    We’re on the lookout for content creators of any style who want to join us in this journey. Whether you’re into building cool structures or making the server that tad bit more interesting , there’s a spot for you here. This isn’t just another server – it’s a chance to be part of a community of creators who are serious about making the next relatable content creator SMP and want to make something awesome together.

    But hey, even if you’re not a content creator, you’re still welcome to join as a fan. Dive into our lore, solve mysteries, and be part of the project!

    Can’t wait to see you on the flip side 😉 The Discord Or @Exvys

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Spotix



    What does Spotix offer that other servers may not?

    • A casual, balanced economy-based survival gamemode that is both fun and unique! • Always open to server partnerships! • We have very friendly staff members! • We are always looking to improve the server, and we take any feedback seriously to improve the playing experience. • Frequently updated! • Unique game modes that you have never seen before! • None PTW (Pay to win)


    IP : Discord:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Shinobi Chronicles: I

    Shinobi Chronicles: I

    Yo! I’m Nex, and I’m planning to launch a semi-private modded Naruto server featuring AHZNB’s Naruto mod that will last 1 or 2 months. I’m aiming to gather at least 25 people, with a safer target being around 30. The server will consist of 4 villages and 1 rogue village or team. Each village will have 2 Jinchurikis, making a total of 8 across the server. Additionally, the nine-tailed beast will appear as a boss randomly, challenging all villages to team up and defeat it. Sealing the beast will require some intense fighting or possibly diplomatic negotiations among village leaders. **If** we get over 30 players in the last 5-10 minutes, Though we cant accept anymore new players. The extras might get to be player bosses, like Otsutsuki or even Madara!I’m keen on incorporating some lore into the server, but I want the players to have a say in shaping it. In this server, there’s no single main character—everyone’s role is equally important. We’ll have a system of ‘canon’ lives, meaning if you’re killed by another player, you’ll lose a life (though village members can’t kill each other).To enhance the experience, we’re planning a semi-custom map spanning 20,000 by 20,000 blocks. The rogue team won’t have any allies and can attack anyone at any time. Of course, there will be rules in place to ensure that everyone has a great time. For more details, join my Discord server—I’ll be explaining everything in greater depth there!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Greatlands Realm

    Greatlands Realm

    |The Greatlands Realm| 17+



    🏰 Welcome to The Greatlands Gaming Community! 🏰

    ✅The Greatlands is a fantasy world rich with lore where you can find many different mystical creatures, kingdoms, gods/goddesses and many more roaming the land. Nothing about this world is normal, from monsters that’ll change shape to floating sky kingdoms, the Greatlands has it all!

    What Do We Offer?: ⚔️

    ✅This server is for the Minecraft Realm, YT Series, and book ‘The Greatlands’. Here you can enjoy anything gaming related, please follow the rules and respect other members! Our staff will help you out with any questions or concerns you may have! We offer a unique role-playing experience for RP enjoyers that you can only find here!

    A Little Bit About Us!:

    ✅This is a project we’ve created by many different creators all around the world more than 2 years ago and has turned into something bigger than we’d ever imagined. Founded back during the pandemic The Greatlands has been an ongoing community since bringing in many different players every year!

    How Do I Join?


    The Greatlands Realm trailer & other Greatlands related content please enjoy:)\_3qOveUds

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  • The scar

    The scar

    Hey everyone! Starting a chilled out smp and looking for people that will build cool stuff (houses, towns, etc.), make up lore (optional but encouraged), be friendly, and joke around. The focus isn’t to beat the game (although we will do that eventually) or be sweaty. Just wanting to form a small community of fun people to hang out and play games with. Comment if interested, limited spots!

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