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Sphinx Minecraft Servers

Best Sphinx Minecraft Servers 2024


    Hello there stranger. I’m Fox, one of the two owners of Sphinx.Underneath this message, you can read a few facts about the server and decide if it sounds like something for you. If it does, please use the Discord link below 🙂
        The player base is mostly between 15 to 21.
        Our server staff is fair, and we’re willing to make changes.
        This isn’t a lore server, however, we do encourage player lore.
        If joining; you’re required to be able to use voice chats.
        The server uses proximity-voice-chat in-game. (which is really fun)
        We’re 100% LBGTQ+ friendly.
        Transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, and so on will not be tolerated on the server.

    Welcome From the whole staff team of Sphinx!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • RustMe


    The team of RustMe project has created the first and unique server aimed on transferring the original Rust game to Minecraft world!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • SolarMC SMP

    SolarMC SMP

    SolarMC is a SMP that is very competitive if you like competitive servers then you are at the right spot! There are absolutely no claims on this server making it more fun to build and find bases. You can grief and do whatever you want. We have seasonal payouts with IRL MONEY or Store Credit!


    JAVA IP: BEDROCK IP: (Port 19132)

    1.20.1 -> 1.20.2 are supported!

    » Survival SMP » More Gamemodes Coming Soon!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • The Parlor Network

    The Parlor Network

    The Parlor Network is a new take on a familiar concept. With gamemodes like Survival, SkyBlock, Minigames, and more, we have something for everyone. Join us today and relive a classic experience in modern fashion.

    We are proud to be the official Minecraft server of the ai_sponge community.

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  • Mg-Craft


    New Factions Pvp Server, destroy obsidian with TNT. Buy in game ranks. This server has signshop. Become the top mcMMO Player. Be the strongest faction in this server

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Man Clan Loogies Minigames

    Man Clan Loogies Minigames

    Welcome to the thrilling world of Caveblock Game mode! Unleash the excitement and dive into the fun! Join our vibrant Discord community to stay updated on server news, earn exclusive ranks, and more! As we embark on this new adventure, seize the opportunity to become one of our esteemed OG members today

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Minecraft The Planet Earth

    Minecraft The Planet Earth

    A 1.20.1 Movecraft earth server with a map based on our home planet.This server includes the ability to build ships and airships, and to sail the seven seas (or the seven skies!), to create your own empires and to wage nautical war on others!

    Shipwrecks containing secrets are hidden around the world, find them to claim their unique treasures for yourself!

    We’re awaiting your presence, Sailor!

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  • YuriCraft


    Embark on a survival journey on our unique Minecraft server! Enjoy custom quests, interactive NPCs, and expansive trading halls. A thrilling blend of survival and adventure awaits you!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • The Dungeon

    The Dungeon

    *Attention, gamers, builders, and adventure-seekers! * We have fantastic news to share with all of you! Our brand-new Minecraft server, “The Dungeon,” has just opened its virtual doors to players from far and wide! Prepare yourselves for an epic journey of creativity, friendship, and pixelated awesomeness!

    Server Theme : Equestrain Lifestyle Imagine a world where your wildest ideas come to life, where you can construct towering castles, intricate redstone contraptions, and lush gardens that make Mother Nature green with envy! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your blocky adventures, The Dungeon welcomes you with open virtual arms! What can you expect on The Dungeon? *An immersive survival experience that will challenge your skills and test your wit. *Survival mode for those who want to prove themselves worthy of being the server boss. *Regular events and competitions to keep you on your toes and earn some well-deserved bragging rights. *A friendly and inclusive community of fellow crafters who are always ready to lend a hand or join forces on epic builds. *Awesome mods and plugins that enhance the gameplay and add exciting features. *Dedicated staff members who ensure your experience is as smooth as buttered cobblestone. So, grab your diamond pickaxes, stock up on torches, and let the adventures begin! Join us on The Dungeon and become part of our growing Minecraft family.

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  • SomeOrdinaryServer


    Im hosting a server with plugins on version 1.20.1 (host in EU). The server is still in its beginning phase and we are also looking for staff members.

    Current Features: – 10 Slots, which will be expanded if used regulary – variety of commands like /home /gsit /rtp to use – anarchy worldset – creative world – online map – builder rank for access to WorldEdit (needs verification) – 24/7 uptime

    Please join our discord and read through our info channels to know how to join and play.

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  • Vote Rewards

    Vote Rewards

    Vote on various sites for real life money, its just that simple! Supported payment gateways: -PayPal -Apple Giftcards -Google Play Giftcards More coming soon!

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