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rl craft Minecraft Servers

Best rl craft Minecraft Servers 2024

  • The Chapel Initiative: Where even creepers need a permission slip to explode

    The Chapel Initiative: Where even creepers need a permission slip to explode

    The Chapel Initiative Minecraft Server

    Server Information
    Server Name The Chapel Initiative
    Current Chapter Worlds Edge
    Server Type Survival
    Plugins Various plugins adding new features and quests


    How can I join the server?

    The server is whitelisted, so you need to join the Discord server or contact the server owner directly to be added to the whitelist.

    What is the current chapter of the server?

    The current chapter is Worlds Edge, where players can explore a new world and participate in quests.

    Are there any special features on the server?

    Yes, the server includes new weapons, temperature, and water mechanics that add depth to the gameplay experience.

    Can I invite my friends to join the server?

    Yes, the server owner allows online friends to join by providing the server IP as a domain.

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  • The Chapel Initiative

    The Chapel Initiative
    Hello! Welcome to The Chapel Initiative, I made this server to have fun with friends, it started with just IRL friends but i made the ip a Domain so im able to allow online friends and as many other ppl as i want. If you are intrested keep watching as i explain whats inside my server all the plugins and what they are/do and how to use them. There have been 3 chapters on this server where we would go to another world and start over. the chapter we are on is Worlds Edge. We have a spawn area to click npcs to go to the world and use quests. soon there will be a new world seperate from Worlds Edge, and it adds alot to the game. Its sorta close to RL craft, with water and temp and alot of new weapons. I explain all about it in this video If you are Intrested in joining hit me up on discord, and we can talk and ill add you to my server as my server is whitelisted for like hackers and stuff. my discord username is chapelgold or you can join my discord server and talk to me there


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  • Olds Cool FreeBuild

    Olds Cool FreeBuild

    Freebuild/survival server, old style, cuboids on spawn and another survival map without protections, player can create own cuboid on survival by buy land via plugin residence. Versions: 1.9.4 – 1.13.2

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  • Nepcraft


    Nepcraft is a Minecraft Survival SMP where you can make friends,teams,earn-money,upgrade your skills and enjoy your free-time.

    Here’s the ip and port for the server

    Ip For Java:

    Ip For Mcpe


    This Server Contains:

    Friendly Staffs


    Skilled Players

    Join Nepcraft today and step into a world where dreams come true. Unleash your creativity, make lasting friendships, fight your enemies to show them what you are and create memories that will keep you coming back for more. The adventure is waiting for you!

    Features Of The Server:

    – Crates

    – Ranks

    – Economy

    – Mcmmo

    – Kits

    – Others

    Join Now

    Jay Nepal! 🇳🇵

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  • The Pokemon Server

    The Pokemon Server

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon (without actual Pokemon mobs) without the need for mods! PvP is the mode of competition, and with some hard work, you might even be a Gym Leader or Champion some day!

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  • Minewool


    Minewool is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all.

    Features: – SurvivalOP – KitPVP – HCF – Skyblock

    IP: Website.

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  • Solarnet


    Welcome to Solarnet, where the immersive realms of Minecraft transcend into an unparalleled Season 1 experience! Embark on a journey through the pixelated cosmos, where factions rise and fall, and legends are forged in the crucible of conquest.

    Solarnet Season 1: Unveiling the Cosmic Frontier

    Dive into a universe where factions collide in an epic saga, each vying for dominance in the vast expanse of Solarnet’s celestial factions. Forge alliances, build empires, and engage in strategic warfare as you navigate the cosmic landscape, where every decision echoes through the cosmos.

    Features Beyond the Stars

    Celestial Factions: Join or create factions that span across galaxies, forging alliances and rivalries in a quest for supremacy.

    Cosmic Koths: Encounter otherworldly challenges and mysteries that await intrepid adventurers, with bountiful rewards for the bold.

    Stellar Economy: Master the art of resource management, auctions and cosmic commerce to elevate your faction’s power and influence.

    Custom Enchantments: Unleash the power of otherworldly enhancements on your gear, providing a unique edge in the battles that shape the universe.

    Interstellar PvP: Engage in thrilling player-versus-player combat on specially designed arenas, where skill and strategy determine the fate of the cosmos.

    Immerse Yourself in the Unknown

    Embark on an unforgettable journey where the possibilities are as infinite as the stars themselves. Solarnet Season 1 beckons you to carve your legend in the celestial tapestry, where the adventure never ends.

    Join us and become a cosmic pioneer – for in the realms of Solarnet, the universe is yours to conquer!

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  • Beardcraft


    Back to basics! Enjoy survival without the usual public server problems.

    – Grief-free! With GriefPrevention, we have an unbeatable, easy-to-use anti-grief which protects your builds, your chests, your animals, and even the items you drop when you die. The server also automatically mutes and bans spammers and chat trolls. – No world borders. Go anywhere you want! – No Lag! Professionally hosted in a Seattle data-center on performance hardware. That means no lag for players in the US, and little to no lag for those outside the US as well! – Easy to start. If you know how to play single player, you’ll know how to play BeardCraft. – Quick to start. With Population Density, you’ll start close to the edge of our explored map – This means easy-to-find ores, animals, and space to build quickly and easily! – Fast Travel. Also a perk of Population Density, teleportation posts are placed every 400 blocks to help you quickly travel to meet up with friends, trade, or explore our huge world.

    This server is FREE.

    We don’t believe in holding fun game elements hostage and asking for ransom. Without paying anything at all, you can access 100% of our world and 100% of Minecraft’s game features. You will not be required to vote, make any purchases, or limit your play time.

    Thanks for trying us out!!

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  • Dragonforce


    we are a small growing minecraft server with many games such as freebuild, skyblock, kitpvp and more

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  • Worst smp

    Worst smp

    Welcome to the immersive realm of “Worst SMP and Headsteal Server,” an unprecedented Minecraft experience that pushes the boundaries of creativity, challenge, and camaraderie. Step into a world where chaos reigns supreme, and only the bravest survive the unpredictable twists and turns that await you.

    “Worst SMP” isn’t your typical survival multiplayer server. It’s a crucible of chaos where the laws of nature and order have been tossed out the window. Prepare to face the unexpected as you navigate a world where nothing is certain, and every decision carries consequences. From treacherous terrain to unexpected mob spawns, every moment is a test of your survival skills.

    But the challenge doesn’t end there. “Worst SMP” introduces a unique and heart-pounding twist – the Headsteal mechanic. In this unforgiving environment, players have the ability to steal each other’s heads upon defeat, creating a trophy collection that stands as a testament to your triumphs and the defeats of your adversaries. Your journey through this server isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving amidst the chaos and proving your dominance.

    Picture a landscape where towering mountains and perilous ravines are just the beginning. “Worst SMP” boasts custom biomes that will leave you awe-struck and trembling with anticipation. Traverse through dense, mystical forests teeming with secrets or dare to explore the desolate wastelands where danger lurks around every corner. The world is your canvas, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

    Engage in epic battles with fellow players as you vie for supremacy in this unforgiving environment. Form alliances to fortify your position or go rogue and carve your path through the chaos. The dynamic player-driven economy adds an extra layer of strategy, as resources become scarce commodities, and every trade is a negotiation that could make or break your survival.

    But “Worst SMP” is not just about survival; it’s a playground for the most creative minds in the Minecraft community. The server hosts regular events that challenge your building prowess, strategic thinking, and combat skills. From massive PvP tournaments to intricate building competitions, there’s always a chance to showcase your talents and earn the coveted title of the server’s ultimate champion.

    As you embark on your journey through “Worst SMP and Headsteal Server,” remember that every victory comes at a cost, and every defeat is an opportunity to rise again. The community that thrives in this unique environment is bound by the shared experience of overcoming adversity and embracing the chaos. Are you ready to face the worst and emerge as a true champion in the world of “Worst SMP and Headsteal Server”? The adventure awaits, and the choice is yours.

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  • ArchaiCraft – RLCraft – Whitelist

    ArchaiCraft – RLCraft – Whitelist

    WHITELIST ONLY! Fill out a whitelist request on our Discord.

    ABOUT US ArchaiCraft is a Whitelist RLCraft server. We are a non-grief, small community of hardcore survivalists. We have been open for over 6 years but switched over to the popular RLCraft modpack in 2019.

    > Pure RLCraft…no gimics > No game-breaking mechanics > No pay-to-win donations > Lag-Free gameplay! > Small, whitelist community

    We look forward to meeting you!

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  • ClutchCraft


    This is a survival server where you get cool ranks and commands for doing clutch things. Log on with your friend and travel far from spawn in order to build your own base and defend from invaders. The spawn is currently in progress but the survival features are ready to go. Ranks are also easy to get since not many people play but do not ask for one.

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