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Best hunt Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Glowie Huntin’ Madness Server

    Glowie Huntin’ Madness Server
    Are you tired of those boring Minecraft servers where you just build and mine all day? Well, look no further because on our server, we make things interesting by forcing you to hunt and kill glowies! That’s right, you’ll have to sharpen your hunting skills and take down those pesky glowies to survive. And if that’s not enough to convince you to join, how about the fact that our server is Fallout 76…le based? That’s right, you’ll be exploring a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and excitement. So what are you waiting for? Join us now and let the hunt begin!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Blocky Job Hunt: Minecraft Server for Late Bloomers

    Blocky Job Hunt: Minecraft Server for Late Bloomers
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where getting a job at 25 is considered a huge achievement! Why bother with real life struggles when you can join our server and become the CEO of Diamond Mining in no time?

    Forget about job applications and interviews, on our server, all you need to do is craft a pickaxe and start digging for those precious diamonds. Who needs a resume when you can show off your epic mining skills to impress potential employers?

    And if you’re feeling down about not having a gun to kys (kill yourself), don’t worry! Our server is a gun-free zone where the only weapons you need are your trusty sword and bow. Join us now and let’s slay some creepers together instead of contemplating drastic measures.

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  • Botan’s Blocky Hunt

    Botan’s Blocky Hunt
    Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with boring quests and mundane tasks? Well, look no further because on our server, Shishiro Botan is on the loose and she’s out for blood! The only way to stop her is by teaming up with the last vtuber you watched – whether it’s a singing cat or a virtual penguin, they’re your only hope against this virtual menace.

    Join our server for the thrill of a lifetime as you navigate through dangerous obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and battle it out with other players to see who will emerge victorious in the epic showdown against Shishiro Botan. And who knows, maybe you’ll even unlock some rare loot or discover a secret passage that leads to untold treasures.

    So what are you waiting for? Join our server now and embark on a wild adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat (or gaming chair) as you fight to save the virtual world from certain doom. And remember, the fate of the Minecraft universe rests in your hands – no pressure!

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  • Warcraft & Chicken Nuggets – PvP Server

    Warcraft & Chicken Nuggets – PvP Server
    Welcome to the craziest Minecraft server you’ll ever experience! Our schedule is jam-packed with insane events like the Ocean Wave Party where you can surf on actual waves in-game, or the Drenched In Air event where you’ll be flying through the sky with water balloons!

    But that’s not all, we also have the おどれ! VRダンス event where you can dance your heart out in virtual reality, or the POP/STARS concert where you’ll be rocking out with your block out!

    And if that’s not enough, join us for the summertime beach bash, the フタリボシ duo dance-off, or the mind-bending い〜やい〜やい〜や maze challenge!

    Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime, join us now for a Minecraft experience like no other! Who knows, you might even uncover the secrets of VIOLET or embark on a journey through Tabi No Tochuu! Last but not least, make sure to watch out for the elusive >>73670881 lurking in the shadows… or maybe just around the corner!

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  • SangriaCraft: Where 18+ adults drink Minecraft Sangria and try not to spill on their keyboards.

    SangriaCraft: Where 18+ adults drink Minecraft Sangria and try not to spill on their keyboards.

    SangriaCraft Minecraft Server Overview

    Server Album Link
    Server Map Link

    Who We Are

    At SangriaCraft, our mission is to cultivate a positive and enjoyable gaming environment for all. To ensure a peaceful haven, we’ve implemented a whitelist system, allowing only players with good intentions to join the server.

    Our Focus

    Since 2011, we’ve been shaping servers with a focus on building a fun and engaging community. Our emphasis remains on creating a close-knit community for the best Minecraft experience possible.


    We organize bi-monthly festivities including treasure hunts and creative challenges for players to enjoy.


    We value transparency and community input the most. We openly share our financials and consider feedback for server improvements.

    Community Focus

    We offer various community events and competitions to foster camaraderie and creativity among players.

    White list Application

    If you’re interested in joining SangriaCraft, fill out a whitelist application via our Discord server.

    Join our Discord


    Q: How can I join SangriaCraft?

    A: You can join by filling out a whitelist application via our Discord server. Make sure to follow the link provided above.

    Q: What events are organized on SangriaCraft?

    A: We organize bi-monthly events including treasure hunts and creative challenges for players to enjoy.

    Q: How does SangriaCraft ensure a positive gaming environment?

    A: We have implemented a whitelist system to allow only players with good intentions to join the server, reducing the presence of hackers and griefers.

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  • TOP SECRET: Clash SMP Server Will Change How You Play Minecraft Forever!

    TOP SECRET: Clash SMP Server Will Change How You Play Minecraft Forever!
    Minecraft Server Information
    Server Name Minecraft SMP Realm
    Server Type Vanilla with commands at spawn
    Features – PvP battles
    – PvE challenges
    – Creative building
    – Raiding rival bases
    – Exploring vast landscapes
    – Option to play solo or with a team
    Server Link

    Questions & Answers

    1. What kind of server is this?

    This server is a dynamic Minecraft SMP realm where players can engage in various activities such as PvP battles, PvE challenges, creative building, raiding, exploring, and more.

    2. Are there any special features on this server?

    Yes, the server offers kits at spawn which include elytra, gear, weapons, food, Redstone, and more. Players can level up at spawn and world borders have been added to increase player proximity.

    3. Can I play solo or with a team on this server?

    Yes, players have the option to play solo or team up with others for various activities like building, exploring, hunting, raiding, and more.

    4. Are there any restrictions on this server?

    Respawn points have been removed on this server, and the end chest has also been removed to enhance the gameplay experience.

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  • CloudCraft Nordic SMP

    CloudCraft Nordic SMP

    Welcome to CloudCraft! Tervetuloa CloudCraftiin! Velkommen til CloudCraft! We’re a small survival server, themed around the Nordic countries – where we value community above everything else.

    Discord: Instagram: @cloudcraftnordic

    Our server is almost 8 years old: running from back in 2014, we know how to create a community and environment where friendship comes before everything else. We’re not a big server, and we’re going to keep it that way – a smaller playerbase means everyone knows each other, and everyone is friends!

    CloudCraft’s biomes are hand-made to feel like the real-life terrain in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Åland and Greenland – one of the things that makes the server so comfy to be a part of! It feels just like home!

    We’re not a pay-to-win server – most of the things you need to pay for on other servers are free to have on CloudCraft, without money or time: no PvP, keep-inventory, warps, unlimited homes, unlimited claim blocks and more!

    We’re totally looking forward to greeting you with an extremely warm CC welcome. It might take a while to start blending in with everyone, but once you do, you’ve just found a small group of people who will love you as one of their own. See you soon! <3 PS. Our players only play during afternoon hours in Europe, and we’re mostly all kids and have school to go – if there’s nobody online, join our Discord so you can check when we hop on!

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  • Nitrexmc


    Join and find out!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • MegaCraft 1.8-1.18+ Survival server Minecraft

    MegaCraft 1.8-1.18+ Survival server Minecraft

    ✑✑ Our Website for purchasing donations –

    ✒✒ Our IP is

    ✑✑ Our group on VK –

    Survival Alpha on latest versions (1.8-1.18+)

    ✏ Unique economy and its own currency – MegaCoins /megaeco

    ✏ The best players on the server – /megatop

    ✏ Clans

    ✏ All blocks from 1.18

    ✏ Cases with donation – /case

    ✏ Random teleport – /rtp go

    ✏ Weapons – /guns

    ✏ Beautiful spawn, built with your own hands!

    ✏ And also a convenient menu – /menu

    ✏ Weddings

    ✏ Parkour

    ✏ Transport: helicopters, planes, tanks, submarines, cars, tractors and more

    ✏ Free /skin

    ✏ Link to license – /premium

    ✏ Drugs/drugs and Alcohol/alco

    ✏ The most interesting things await you on the server itself! Come and find out for yourself 😉


    ☑ The donation is bought forever and does not disappear after a wipe!

    ☑ Best Technical Support

    ☑ Low prices for Donat


    New Minecraft Server
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  • EverRog


    WELCOME EverRog is a brand new minecraft survival server with grief prevention. EASY spawn to learn – get started fast! We have big plans with this server, and it will be updated every week with new furtures and plugins to give you a nice minecraft experience.

    SERVER INFORMATIONS Server ip: Discord (still under work):

    FEATURES • Standard Minecraft Survival • MCMMO • Grief Prevention • Frequent upgrades of server • No map reset • EASY spawn to learn – get started fast!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Beverage Anarchy

    Beverage Anarchy

    Anything goes outside of bots, gamebreaking cheats, and harming the integrity of the server. Minimal text chat rulings apply only on the discord server. It is recommended, although not required, that you join the discord.

    Decency is required on discord; Minecraft chat can be disabled client-side, anything outside of spam is allowed. Feel free to speak to anyone as you please, so long as it isn’t in the discord. Treat interactions on the discord server as you would IRL: Reasonable respect, maturity, minimal shitposting/NSFW language.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Mindofmine


    Welcome is a survival freebuild serverServer-IP: This is what will await you on the server:

    With /start you get all the information you need for a good start on the server. You can freely choose your property and enlarge it as you wish with your available claim blocks. At the start of the game you have 100 blocks available, but these increase as you play on the server and become more.The world is currently 30,000 blocks wide. But can be enlarged if necessary. The server runs on the new version 1.19.3, but can be accessed with 1.19.x. To generate additional income, you can take on up to three jobs. There are different ranks that can be achieved completely free of charge become. Nothing can be purchased with real money. (no pay to win!) You can receive great rewards via the vote system (e.g. flight time). You can create your own player warps and show other players your property. You can also build XP farms and share them with othersMake it available to players. A lot of things can be bought or sold in the server shop. Items can be sold to other players without scams in the auction house. The End and Nether can be reached via portals at the spawn or through warps.

    A brief overview of the individual ranks


    Every new player who joins the server has this rank. Maximum claim blocks: 2500 Maximum homes: 2 Maximum player warps: 2


    Maximale Claimblöcke: 5000Maximale Homes: 4Maximale Playerwarps: 3


    Maximale Claimblöcke: 10000Maximale Homes: 6Maximale Playerwarps: 4


    Maximum Claim Blocks: 25000Maximum Homes: 8Maximum Playerwarps: 5Access Enderchest via ChatChange the time of day for yourself


    Maximum Claim Blocks: 50000Maximum Homes: 15Maximum Playerwarps: 8Access to a workbench via chat


    Maximale Claimblöcke: 200000Maximale Homes: 20Maximale Playerwarps: 10


    Maximale Claimblöcke: 500000Maximale Homes: UnlimitetMaximale Playerwarps: 15

    Important commands:· /start  All the information you need to get started·        /rtp                           RandomTeleporter· /sethome(name)  Set your home· /jobsbrowse Choose a job· /ah  Auction house· /ahsell (price) Put your hand-selected item in the auction house for 7 days·        /pw                        Playerwarps· /fly  Temporary flying (time is running out)· /vote  Here you can vote for the server daily to receive great rewards· /tpa(playername) Sends a teleport request to a player· /rankup  You can increase your rank for in-game money · /hub You come to the lobby· /warps  The warp menu opens· /moneynote(value) Creates a banknote equal to the value· /xpbottle(xpvalue) Creates an XP bottle

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Lenincraft server Minecraft

    Lenincraft server Minecraft
    • The world was created using an OTG generator and contains dozens of new biomes. For each, two unique mobs were invented.• Installed plugins for mechanisms for the CraftBook house, and to extend the passage of the Slimefun game (new metals, smelters, electricity and automatic mechanisms) along with an addon for new plants.• Event: Monster Fortress! Unique 5 sets of armor and weapons /warp event.• Money is acquired by trading with players at the /ah auction and by selling loot from mobs at spawn.• There are magic arrows, auctions, seats, new recipes, instant death, signing items when dropped, pets, skins, you can place items on blocks, vehicles.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Fantasy Realm

    Fantasy Realm

    Welcome to Fantasy Realm. We are a family-friendly minecraft community which host in Australia. We work together with volunteer members who wish to create a safe and fun enviroment for everyone. We want to bring the feeling of welcomed to everyone who join us on our adventure. On Fantasy Realm, we like to keep things simple, which is as close to vanilla while giving a small enhancement to gameplay to keep the game entertaining such as a ranking system, economy system, McMMO and some other fun interactions within the gameplay. We are always looking to try to improve the community and server gameplay, if you want something added in, give us a suggestion! What else are you waiting for? join us for an adventure today!

    Server IP: FantasyRealmMC.Net Server Discord: Server Website:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • The Official Server of the LOTR Mod

    The Official Server of the LOTR Mod

    The official Minecraft server of the LOTR Mod, hosted by Akliz. Server Rules:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Equiverse


    Welcome to any horse lover’s dream! Equiverse is a more realistic take on a horse server with 10 different disciplines, which include but not limited to, racing, show jumping, dressage to more niche ones like cutting and mounted archery. Each discipline has its own unique training area where we host lessons and competitions in.

    Even if you’re not familiar with the equestrian world, Equiverse is a perfect place to learn! Our friendly team of staff are always there to help with anything, BIG or small!

    We have a simple ranking system that is easy to understand. With 11 different rank from newbie to professional that give you more advanced opportunities as you progress, you will not be bored!

    Each player has an opportunity to get a job at one of our many shops in the city to earn money toward new horses, new land and other bits and bobs!

    We’re a great big family and any new players are always welcome!

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