Best Baltic Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Latvian Janny’s Blocky Adventures: Watch Out for the Potato Pranks!

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    Latvian Janny’s Blocky Adventures: Watch Out for the Potato Pranks!
    Are you tired of boring Minecraft servers with no spice? Well, look no further because we have a Latvian janitor on board! But be warned, if you start talking about Latvia, he might just ban you for disrespecting his homeland. Join our server for a wild ride of cultural clashes and janitorial drama. Who knew Minecraft could be so intense? Join now for a chance to see the janitor in action and maybe even learn a thing or two about Latvia!

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  • Officialcrystalverse

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    In this unique Minecraft server, survival takes on a whole new level of intensity with the addition of lifesteal mechanics. Every blow dealt to an opponent not only inflicts damage but also replenishes the attacker’s health, making every encounter a strategic dance of offense and defense. Will you risk engaging in combat to regain health, or will you play it safe and try to outlast your opponents? The choice is yours in this hardcore lifesteal Minecraft experience.

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  • ฯ๐–Š๐–“๐–š๐–’๐–‡๐–—๐–†๐–‘๐–ˆ๐–—๐–†๐–‹๐–™

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    ⚡⚡ fresh wipe! Penumbralcraft has had the world reset with a new map – a fresh start awaits!


    Venture into a realm where potent, eerie magic fuses seamlessly with the mechanicus.

    In this domain, each move you make vibrates through the realms of the arcane and the mechanical, honing the tensions and bonds in a dynamic progression Faction SMP.

    Drawing inspiration from dark cataclysmic events setting players on a path to rediscover technology, through the ages, or embrace the sprawling expanse of magic, Penumbralcraft elevates the modded experience with cutting-edge hardware and committed in-game GMs. An experience for both builders and pvp’ers. Both coexist in our unique system with the thrill of full and open PVP combined with the safety of well managed builders in a rules-lite environment that doesn’t stifle the player, whether in guild versus guild battles or in a solo and cunning quest for dominance.

    Curseforge modpack – Penumbralcraft

    Server IP:
    Recommended memory: 8Gb 
    Minecraft version 1.20.1 
    Forge is required: forge 47.2.18 
    Java 17 required

    🌌 Eldritch Exploration: Traverse a landscape altered by otherworldly forces. explore outer space. break through to horrific dimensions

    🏗️ Gothic Engineering: Build grandiose edifices with industrial might. Craft gunpowder weaponry, assemble ominous airships, and construct daunting siege engines.

    🔮 Arcane Power: Delve into the depths of magic where occult spells and forbidden sorcery reign. Extract energy from the living through the dark arts of Blood Magic or make deals with various factions for immense power.

    🗡️ Creature Collection: Amass a formidable array of monstrous beings and constructs to establish and secure your dominion. Equip your hired minions and recruits or train your cosmic monsters.

    Server IP:

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  • DawnMC

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    Introducing DawnMC SMP – Your Ultimate Minecraft Earth Experience!

    Join us on DawnMC, where the sun never sets on adventure! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of builders, explorers, and redstone engineers, all working together to create a world that’s uniquely ours.

    Here’s what you can expect when you join DawnMC: A thriving, friendly community of like-minded Minecraft Earth enthusiasts Exciting and immersive events to challenge your skills and creativity Regular updates and new features to keep the experience fresh and engaging Active and attentive staff dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all players

    Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft Earth player or just starting out, there’s a place for you at DawnMC. Join us today and become part of our ever-growing world of endless possibilities!

    DawnMC – Where every day begins with endless adventures. Join us and let your creativity shine!

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  • Cogs, Crops and Combat!

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    Cogs, Crops and Combat!

    Cogs, Crops, and Combat!

    Welcome to Cogs, Crops, and Combat! We are a lightly-modded SMP, aiming to have a modded experience, while still maintaining the nostalgic taste that vanilla Minecraft offers. We are a Hermitcraft-esque SMP, and will have a shopping district, community events, and more. The primary mod is the Create mod (Cogs), with support from Farmers Delight (Crops), and the RPG suite of weapons mods (Combat!). We have a couple more mods thrown in as well, such as a few create addons, some additional generated structures to suite our exploration needs, the Traveler’s Backpack mod, and as well as a decoration mod. Overall, it is a very well thrown together pack that encompasses several areas of the game, with automation, farming, exploration, combat, building etc.

    We also have some quality of life data packs, such as one person sleep, which further enhance the Minecraft SMP experience. We plan to have a ton of community projects, at the moment, the main project is building a rail line that will connect everyone to the shopping district! We have a core group of 4 of us that have been friends for over 7 years, which we would love to expand to everyone that logs onto our server. Whether you are a builder, a factory designer, an adventurer, or something in-between, this is the server for you!

    Here is our Discord link:

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  • The Dark Ages

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    The Dark Ages

    The Dark Ages Beautiful Resource packs and Mods to Allow for an immersive high quality experience

    Become a nation ruler and conquer the lands, siege castles or build massive cities become part of a community and work together with other players to make memories

    Active hardworking admin team that you can rely on. They will listen and take feedback to make the server better

    Custom Armor and weapons to allow for unique immersive pvp experiences Movement has become easier with Small Ships and many horse mods to make traversing the land a fun easy experience

    Amazing siege machines

    Medieval Conquest, Forge 1.18.2. Join Today!

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  • LunarisSMP

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    Welcome to Lunaris SMP ━━━━━━━━━About Us━━━━━━━━━━━━ We are a brand new whitelisted Hermitcraft inspired minecraft server operating on paper 1.20.4 looking for the best and brightest in the minecraft community! We are looking to nurture an active skillful community of players that want to take this game to its limits, whether that be by creating giant farms or beautiful kingdoms. If you’re interested so far we encourage you to carry on reading and then join our discord server to apply and find more information on the server! ━━━━━━━━ On the Lunaris SMP we have some amazing quality of life plugins and data packs that keep the game nice and fresh while still keeping that vanilla feel, here are some of the main ones! ☾ Drop Heads – Players drop the head of their skin on death. ☾ multiplayer sleep – makes it so that only one person has to sleep in order to skip the night. ☾ Armor Stand Tools – Allows you to better customise the position of armour stands and more! ☾ essentialsx discord – Allows you to view the minecraft in game chat from the discord. ☾ Coreprotect – Ensures that everyone is safe from grief or theft without any land claiming of any sort. ☾ Simple VoiceChat – It’s as simple as the name implies, just proximity chat for minecraft! full list of data packs and plugins available in our discord server ━━━━━━━━━ ☾ Community ━━━━━━━━━ We welcome players that prefer to stick to any playstyle weather that be building or the technical stuff, as long as you know what you’re doing we’d love to have you on the server! Additionally we run Lunaris as a democracy meaning that every player gets a say in big decisions or projects on the server. ━━━━━━━━━ Applying to join ━━━━━━━━━ The application process to join Lunaris is actually very quick and easy, all you have to do is join our discord (linked below) and do /apply, then select the Lunaris SMP application, from there the bot will direct message you and ask you a series of questions, after you’ve completed that our admins will review your answers and whitelist you if you’re a good fit for our server! ╰┈➤ ❝ Join Us Today:

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  • CatCraft

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    Welcome to CatCraft!

    CatCraft is a smaller, adult only, community focused Minecraft server. We started Season 1 on April 4, 2019. With the launch of 1.18, we began Season 2 in December 2021 to make the most of the new biomes and world generation.

    Our intention is a long term world, with a slow world border expansion as new 1.X updates are released. Currently, we’re running 1.20.2with a world border set at 15k in every direction. Our server is hosted in Ashburn, VAon the eastern seaboard of the USA.

    While we’re a small-ish community (usually between 30 and 80 total active members)the admin staff is passionate about keeping the server going and providing as many quality of life options as possible. On top of having a Survival server, we also have a Creative server with world edit, as well as an Event server on standby for (a hopeful!) monthly UHC, community planned events, or the occasional mod-pack. Bluemap runs on both Creative and Survival, as well as a discord Chat Bot.

    Pictures Here!

    Server Rules

    1. Don’t be a dick. I really think this kind of sums up all the rules, but I’ll spell it out.
    2. Don’t steal shit, dupe, or grief. See rule 1.
    3. We’re a strict 21+ server. We are not child friendly. Swearing is fine, within reason. If that makes you uncomfortable, we are not the place for you.
    4. PVP is turned on. This is not an excuse to be an asshole and snipe people. Play fair, help the loser pick up their stuff, and return all the things. See rule 1.
    5. No hacking. No x-ray. No duping. No forcefield. Whatever might give you an unfair advantage.
    6. Pranking is fine, within reason. Don’t destroy someone’s shit, or cover it with TNT and call it a prank.
    7. In your application, please include your favorite breed of cat.
    8. Patch up creeper holes, fully chop down trees, and don’t leave dirt towers around. We all have to live here, let’s try to keep it pretty looking.
    9. Sign your stuff, keep the server easy to navigate.
    10. Don’t kill withers in the over-world. Just don’t. It never goes well. Under the end portal please.

    Other Important Details

    – No Enderman Griefing

    – End Dragon drops an elytra, egg, and head

    – AFK Detection

    – Custom Trapdoor, bark block, stair, and carpet recipes.

    – Back to Blocks

    – Renewable Coral

    – Many custom recipes

    – Mending and Infinity on bows

    – And a nametag mob silencer

    – Universal Dyeing

    – CoordinatesHUD

    – Armor Stand Book

    – Custom Head Selling Villagers

    – All mobs have a chance of dropping heads

    – Custom PVE group boss and single player dungeons.

    – Fast Leaf Decay

    – Redstone and Terracotta Wrenches

    – Villager Workstation Highlights

    – PVP Head Drop

    – Craftable Light Blocks

    More info on the above, or an application can be found on our Discord.

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  • VanillaSmithCraft

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    🌐 IP:

    🎮 Version: Java/Bedrock 1.20.4 CROSSPLAY

    🌍 Server Location: CANADA

    🌲 Survival SMP 🌲 SURVIVAL

    🚩 RandomTeleport: Random teleport /RTP if you want to find a place to start quicker!

    🌀 Warps: Set warps to a location you want to keep!

    💎 Daily Rewards: We offer daily rewards for players that join daily /daily

    🏡 Homes: Set home /sethome

    🔹 Claiming System 🚩: Protect your hard work! Raiding is not allowed, and players can claim land to keep their builds safe from griefing

    🌐 Join now and become part of our community at !

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  • Harvest SMP

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    Harvest SMP

    Welcome to Harvest SMP!

    We are a small, but growing, community of mature Minecraft players accepting of all build styles, technical know-how, and experience. We are at the very beginning of our newest season Harvest Season 3, and would like to invite you all to play!

    **Fundamentals of Harvest SMP**

    Our main priority in Harvest SMP is the community. Everyone who is a part of Harvest SMP is encouraged to participate in community events and contribute to community builds. Your voice in this server matters just as much as anyone else. Together, the admin team is dedicated to bringing a quality SMP experience for all and want to give players as much freedom as we possibly can.

    We want to have a very relaxed and laid back feel to the SMP. Whether you want to build crazy redstone contraptions, or simply want to have a small house and a farm somewhere in the world, you’re free to do so. If you have 10 years of experience playing this game or you’re very new to the game, you’re still welcome here!

    Our goal for this season, unlike previous seasons, is to have a long term world. In the past we have had seasons last a little less than a year before a reset. This time, we want this season to last for as long as possible.


    Our most noticeable features are those which give us a Hermitcraft-like experience. A variety of datapacks and plug-ins have been put together to give us a close enough to vanilla experience. We also have implemented Anti-cheat plug-ins to ensure everyone is having a fair and equal experience.

    We plan on having a shopping district with a diamond based economy as well as a minigame district where we can all hangout and have fun.

    Whitelist. We have set up an application process in our discord that all players need to fill out before joining, In general this is so we know you actually want to play and will make a good fit for the community. Remember, this is an 18+ server. While we will not ask you to verify your age, we will trust you are telling the truth.

    To apply, simply join our Discord and begin your application process.

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  • Build Banter & Beyond

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    Build Banter & Beyond

    World started @ 10PM MT Feb 8th 2024

    I plan to always bring in new people to the server so there’s always an active playerbase, with new friends being made!

    Whats different? No Natural Health Regen. What does this mean? When you take damage, no matter how full your hunger is, it won’t regenerate your lost hearts that that pesky skeleton took from you. How can you regenerate your health? Fairly simple: when you spawn, you’ll be given two golden apples to start with. Use them wisely, as they will bring your health back up. You can also use things such as potions, beacons, or crafting golden apples. Why this change? Too make the game feel more like a challenge, no matter how late you are.

    Endermen greifing has been disabled. Creepers, and Ghasts still do their thing, though.

    Single-player sleep is turned on to make sleeping through restless nights easier.

    Apply here:

    Server-side mods / Datapacks (None need to be installed client side)


    Coord Finder

    Blazeandcave’s Advancements


    Vertical Slabs

    Simple Voice Chat

    View Distance Fix



    FreeCam is allowed to take screenshots or look at builds.(not to find spawners, strongholds, ect..)

    Sand/Gravel/Gravel/Rail, or powdered concrete dupers are allowed.

    Tnt Dupers are allowed.

    Carpet dupers are allowed.

    Mob switches are allowed. (MUST have an off switch.)

    DO not dupe anything besides Sand/Gravel/Powdered Concrete/TNT and Carpet dupes for fuel.

    No leaving floating tree’s at spawn.

    Bases must be at least 700 blocks away from spawn.

    If using a large amount of hoppers, they must be covered to decrease lag.

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