Best AFU Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Crafty Kiev Crew #14366

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    Crafty Kiev Crew #14366
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers with the same old quests and challenges? Well, do we have the server for you! Join our server for a wild ride filled with crazy adventures and insane stories!

    Picture this: you’re mining for diamonds when suddenly, a herd of flying pigs swoops down and steals them all! But don’t worry, you can ride on the back of a giant chicken to chase them down and reclaim your precious loot.

    New Minecraft Servers - Crafty Kiev Crew #14366

    Or how about this: you stumble upon a secret underground base filled with treasure, guarded by an army of dancing skeletons. Will you defeat them with your epic dance moves or will you join in on their funky skeleton dance party?

    With €1 billion in aid from Spain and a deal to fire American weapons into Russia, this server is like no other. Join now and experience the madness for yourself! Who knows what crazy adventures await you next?

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    go to website In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, pixelated procedurally generated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain. Players can discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures, earthworks, and machines.

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  • Senior Mc

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    Senior Mc

    Crossplay Survival! 24/7 Cracked & Free! Join the fun, build, explore! No whitelist, just play! Friendly community awaits! Discord: Java IP: Bedrock IP: | 5003 We have awesome features like: Grief

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    Asia Anarchy Server. This server is recommended for people with lots of 2b2t! The only rules are not to take the server down and not to hack it. If you do these two things, you will be banned. Supports a wide range of versions. There are other KITs running. There Administrators are saitou6 and HebiGramm.

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  • LavaSMP

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    LavaSMP [Vanilla] [SMP] [Family-Friendly]

    Welcome to LavaSMP: Where Adventure Flows Like Molten Lava!

    Are you ready to dive into a world of warmth, camaraderie, and bubbling excitement? Look no further than LavaSMP, the ultimate family-friendly Minecraft server where happiness is our core resource! 🌋🎮

    🌈 What Makes LavaSMP Erupt with Joy? 🌈

    Friendly Volcanic Vibes: Our community is as welcoming as a cozy lava pool. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a budding builder, you’ll find friends here who’ll make your heart glow like a magma block.

    Epic Quests and Treasure Hunts: Embark on thrilling quests across our fiery landscape. Seek hidden treasures, battle mythical mobs, and uncover ancient secrets. The lava caves hold more surprises than a creeper’s sneeze!

    Creative Building: Express your inner architect! Construct lava-themed castles, cozy magma huts, or pixel art that sizzles with creativity. Our community celebrates imagination—just like a freshly baked batch of magma cookies.

    Family Bonds, Not Creeper Explosions: Forge alliances with fellow players. Share stories around virtual campfires, team up for epic builds, and celebrate achievements together. Our lava flows unite us!

    🌟 Join the Lava Flow! 🌟

    IP Address: Visit to get whitelisted!

    Version: Java Edition (Vanilla)

    Rules: Be kind, respectful, and spread positivity. No griefing, no hissing—just good vibes and lava lamps!

    🎉 Dive In Now! 🎉

    Visit our website: LavaSMP Minecraft Server

    LavaSMP awaits! 🌟🔥🌟

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  • EveningWorld – Server ANARCHY 1.2.5 Minecraft server

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    EveningWorld – Server ANARCHY 1.2.5 Minecraft server

    Survive, kill, build, destroy, create clans and much more!

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  • Server26

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    ️Attention 18+ means 18+ Please be 18 or older! It should go without saying, but apparently these disclaimers are never enough.

    We are a longstanding SMP with currently over a dozen active players and we are looking for more! A few players have been there since the early days, others since last year, and a few joined only recently.

    • Overview

      Our main guideline to leave the “meta” of pure Vanilla survival as unaltered as possible (for a public server).

      The only 3 plugins that interfere with this are:

      GriefPrevention, a sleep voting plugin, and player item shops for trading. That means as many features from other plugins you know from other servers are absent by design and won’t be added. There are two ranks “new” and “player”they do not give any benefits. You can not buy “power” for real money here and we have no adminshops. Everything on the map was build and farmed in survival.



    • No Warps, No /tpa, No /stem

    • No (Mojang) chat reports

    • No McMMO or alike, No donation perks or any such frills

    • The world will never reset

    • Land claiming

    • Player trading via signs (No adminshops)

    • 20% of player need to sleep to skip the night

    • All made in survival, including spawn area, etc

    • Lots of public farms.

      Rules: TL;DR: Be reasonable and don’t be a dick.

    • Community

      What you have read so far sounds like your cup of tea? Well then you may fit right in. Laid back rules, a close knit community, having some events from time to time, and there is always something you can help with. Staff and ohter players are usually available to help you. Need help digging? Just died far away? Raid an Ocean Monument? No problem! We also have a Hermitcraft-like shop area for players using a trade shop plugin.

    • Gameplay

      This is supposed to feel like a vanilla server. The default currency is diamonds. This is not enforced its just what everyone uses. No warps, you have to walk, fly by Elytra, or set up infrastructure such as piston bolts or blue ice highways. You can focus on long term projects, take your time, because we NEVER RESET the map. Megabases welcome. Leave for months, pick right up where you left. In +7 years time we built a lot of farms and infrastructure. This makes it a lot easier to get going early in the game, especially for endgame players. But fear not, there is always need for expanding upon whats already there.

      The spawn city is protected. Areas there are released for community builds. Outside the city you can build your own base(s). You will get more claimblocks during play.

    • Specs & Plugins

      Hosted in Germany with 128GB Ram, a Intel i9-9900k, and 1TB NVMe SSD; the server runs on Paper. Regarding updates we don’t always run the latest version but we plan to update to every major release eventually. In case an update brings a big change in world generation (e.g. 1.18) we delete chunks that have been loaded less than 5 minutes. Meaning someone likely just passed by while exploring.

      For land claiming we use GriefPrevention, which lets you protect areas you selected with a golden shovel. You can allow certain or all players to build and or access chests/buttons, on your claim. It also protects your claims and the worlds surface from creepers. Then there is also a chest shop plugin. You can use iron nuggets to create villager-like trades. You can do this anywhere, but its recommended to do this in the shopping area or your claim. Harbor is a plugin which skips the night, if 20% or more players are in bed. Lastly there is one that lets you rotate Glazed Terracotta.

      Additionally we have some datapacks and tweaks: Ghasts don’t break blocks. You can silent mobs by naming them “silent” (undo with “unsilent”). Your 1st kill of the Enderdragon gets you an Elytra. Craftable Enchanted Golden Apples. Hermitcraft posable Armorstands. Some recipes have been tweaked (bone blocks directly from bones, recolor glass,… )

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  • ⚡WerSpace⚡ – ❤Best ANARCHY❤ Minecraft server

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    ⚡WerSpace⚡ – ❤Best ANARCHY❤ Minecraft server

    Hi all! We are pleased to introduce you to the Werspace server, a place where you can come together, exchange ideas and have fun. No matter who you are or what interests you, there is always a place for everyone!

    On our server you will find the following:

    Cozy and friendly atmosphere

    Opportunity to meet new friends

    Various activities and competitions for participants

    Chats for discussing your favorite topics and just for communication

    A creative space where you can share your work or find inspiration from others

    Information about the latest news and events taking place on the server, so that you are always aware of the latest updates

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  • Phoxis

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    What is Phoxis?

    Phoxis is a small and active Minecraft server with a close-knit community. We strive to enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience through the use of custom plugins, most notably our races plugin, which is currently unique to Phoxis, as well as our custom items and crafting recipes. We are currently running on Minecraft version 1.20.2!

    How are we different from other Minecraft Servers?

    Races! Do you ever feel bored of the vanilla Minecraft experience? On Phoxis, every player has the ability to change their race, providing a unique and customisable experience. Ranging from Vampires and Lycanthropes, to Angels and Demons, plus many, many more! Don’t worry, if this doesn’t suit you, you can always choose the human race for a more vanilla-like experience.

    Every race comes with its pros and cons. You can find them listed in the spawn or our discord server.

    Other features

    To make the players feel more immersed and connected, we incorporated the Towny plugin. Players are able to create towns and nations (if they are ambitious) and invite others to join them. In doing so, you can create alliances, start wars or simply provide a safe haven from those nasty mobs. Towny is also our main form of grief prevention and claiming builds!

    Speaking of mobs, we also have custom mobs such as Orcs, Minotaurs and Hellhounds. We also have custom bosses, such as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to name but a few. We have many more for you to experience and enjoy.


    Most weeks we try to spice up the server by hosting events such as Hide-and-Seek and Boss Battles. Winners of these events are rewarded with awesome prizes, as well as all participants who took part in the event! If I were you, I would try and take part in all of these events! We also host “The End Fight” monthly, which is a reset of the end that allows players to kill the ender dragon and fight to the death for the egg, which is used in mythical crafting recipes!

    Current plugins

    Plugins include economy, Towny and multiple dimensions such as the resource world and Nether dimensions. There is also a more exotic world called the Elysium. If you have questions about our plugins, you can ask them in the discord server!



    Hope you enjoy the server!

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  • ⭐ MineRich ⭐┃ Modes ➤ Survival, TNT-Run Minecraft server

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    ⭐ MineRich ⭐┃ Modes ➤ Survival, TNT-Run Minecraft server

    Version > 1.9-1.20.4

    Modes > Survival, TNT-Run, (BedWars, coming soon).


    ➤ Feelings (/feelings)

    ➤ Duels (/duel)

    Spleef (/warp spleef)

    ➤ Sex (/sex)

    ➤ Clans (/clan)

    ➤ Weddings (/marry)

    ➤ Hookahs (/kalian)

    ➤ Dance (/dance)

    ➤ Spit (/spit)

    ➤ Pvp (/warp pvp)

    ➤ Economy (Currency)

    ➤ Private (/rg)

    Creative (Donation-vomzozhnost, /gamemode 1)

    Salary (Issued automatically)

    Parkour (/warp parkour)

    ➤ Tops (/tops)

    ➤ Cigarettes (/cigar)

    ➤ Auction (/ah)

    Trampolines (You can create your own trampoline)

    Ability to sit/lie/crawl (/sit, /lay, /crawl)

    ➤ Skin illumination (/glow)

    Elevators (You can create your own elevator)

    ➤ Friends (/friends)

    ➤ Date head database (/headdb)

    Bans/kicks/mutes/varnas (Donation opportunity)

    ➤ Transformation into mobs (/mobs)

    ➤ Pets (/pets)

    In-game console (/console)

    ➤ Portals (To the world of hell, end)

    ➤ Report-System (/report)

    ➤ Effects (over head, under player, etc.)

    ➤ Donat world (/world) (without wipes)

    ➤ Custom commands (/drop, /sex, /spit, /kalian, etc. There are a lot of them! This is not the whole list)

    Lots of donation opportunities! (/donate) (50% off to celebrate opening)


    ➤ 5 different cards

    ➤ Ability to sit/lie/crawl (Donat-opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to spit (Donat-opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to change the weather (Donation ability)

    ➤ Ability to change speed (Donation option)

    ➤ Ability to fly (Donat-opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to change nickname (Donation opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to turn on skin backlighting (Donation feature)

    ➤ Ability to turn into mobs (Donation ability)

    ➤ Ability to put a message at the entrance (Donation opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to put a suffix (Donate-opportunity)

    ➤ Ability to put a prefix (Donation opportunity)

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    Server release on March 29, 2024 6 p.m  ENTENSUCHT.NET INTRODUCTION We are, our server is accessible for Java and Bedrock versions. We attach great importance to regular updates to take the fun to a new level. We are currently at the beginning of a new project. Of course, we hope that with your help we can become a large community.

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