New Minecraft Servers

SERVERS UPDATED April 17, 2024, 5:14 PM

New Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Server Overview

Features Description
Server Type pvp/vanilla server
Additional Features AdminShop, PVP arena, MobsArena, claims, economy
Server Status Non-Stop 24/7
Compatibility Accepts crack versions
Server Discord
Server Version Release 1.5.2


1. What type of server is this?

This server is a pvp/vanilla server with additional features such as an AdminShop, PVP arena, MobsArena, claims, and economy.

2. What are the server hours?

The server is open 24/7, allowing for non-stop gameplay.

3. Can crack versions join the server?

Yes, crack versions are accepted on this server.

4. Are there any restrictions on PVP?

PVP is enabled on all maps except spawns and some public places.

5. How can I join the server?

You can get the IP address on the server’s Discord channel:

New Minecraft Server
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