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New Minecraft Servers

Etheria: Void Wars Minecraft Server

Server IP
Vanilla Client 1.20.4

Hello everyone, I am a member of the team for Etheria: Void Wars, an in-development extraction game as a Minecraft game mode. Join raids, battle in PvPvE content, and build your stash of loot through a series of randomly generated dungeons. We have launched our game’s first open beta, and the progress through this wipe will persist until our next major content update in a few months.

Here are some of the features of our custom game mode:

  • Complex Randomly Generated Dungeons
  • Risk vs Reward Based Gameplay where you must Extract
  • PvPvE Combat with Redesigned Combat and Unique Enemies
  • Shop NPCs with custom Items
  • Party System with Other Players
  • Gathering and Crafting Mechanics
  • Character Progression with Skills

Join our discord at (

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Answer
Is the server vanilla Minecraft? Yes, our server uses the vanilla client version 1.20.4
How can I join raids and battle in PvPvE content? You can join raids and engage in PvPvE content by connecting to our server IP:
Are there custom items and NPCs in the game? Yes, we have custom items and shop NPCs in our game mode
Is there character progression and skills in the game? Yes, you can progress your character through skills in Etheria: Void Wars

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