Best QUADS CAN KILL Minecraft Servers 2024

  • QuadTaxMaster Minecraft Server

    QuadTaxMaster Minecraft Server
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers where you just mine and build all day? Well, come join our server where the only way to defeat the evil Taxmaster is by riding in on a majestic quad and taking him down with your epic quad skills! Who knew taxes could be so thrilling and action-packed? Join now and show off your quad-riding prowess while saving the virtual world from financial tyranny!

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  • New The Ethereal Sylvan Realms

    New The Ethereal Sylvan Realms

    Hello! We are looking for players to join us in the Mystic Dominions server in our nation Sylvan, we just started yesterday! If you like RP and are looking for a fresh start this is the place for you! You can get more info on the server at

    Welcome to the Ethereal Sylvan Realms, a mystical land nestled high amidst the colossal canopies of the towering trees. Legends of this realm speak of the ancient Arboreans, the first settlers who, entranced by the awe-inspiring beauty of the soaring flora, established a civilization that thrived within the embrace of the forest’s leafy boughs. Over time, they mastered the art of living harmoniously with the natural world, shaping their culture around the principles of balance and reverence for the environment.

    Culture: The current inhabitants, the Arboreans, have built their homes and communities within the sprawling branches and atop the colossal trunks, intricately weaving wooden walkways and dwellings that blend seamlessly with the environment. They are renowned for their mastery of arboreal architecture, crafting elaborate treetop villages and majestic wooden structures that soar amidst the verdant canopies. The Arboreans possess a deep affinity for the natural world, drawing inspiration from the soaring trees and the myriad creatures that call the forest their home. Their art and craftsmanship are celebrated for intricate wood carvings that depict scenes from nature, mythical creatures, and the ancient tales of their realm. Their cuisine is a testament to their resourcefulness, utilizing foraged ingredients and the bounty of the forest to create delectable dishes that reflect their reverence for nature. Religion: In the heart of the Ethereal Sylvan Realms lies a deeply ingrained reverence for the ancient deity known as the Sylvan Matron. This divine being is believed to embody the very essence of the forest, representing the nurturing spirit of nature. The Sylvan Matron is venerated through elaborate rituals and sacred ceremonies that honor the changing seasons, the growth of the trees, and the diverse wildlife that thrives within the realm. The Arboreans offer prayers and offerings to the Sylvan Matron, seeking her favor and protection, and invoking her blessings for bountiful harvests and the prosperity of their realm. It is believed that by living in harmony with the will of the Sylvan Matron, the Arboreans fulfill their divine purpose as stewards of the forest, ensuring the perpetuity of their realm for generations to come. In addition to their reverence for the Sylvan Matron, the Arboreans also hold a deep respect for the ancient spirits of the forest, known as the Faewood Fae. These enigmatic beings are said to inhabit the heart of the old-growth trees, and are revered as the custodians of the realm’s ancient wisdom and natural magic. Embracing the principles of balance and stewardship, the Arboreans are committed to safeguarding their sacred homeland from external threats that could disrupt the delicate equilibrium of the forest. While not inherently peaceful in their interactions with neighboring realms, they are open to sharing their knowledge of sustainable living with those who demonstrate genuine respect for the natural world. Welcome to the Ethereal Sylvan Realms, where the ancient lore, rich culture, and profound spirituality form the foundation of a civilization that soars amidst the lofty canopies of the towering trees.

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  • Soulcraft


    🌟 Join a Thriving Community:

    • Immerse yourself in a mature and vibrant player community inspired by the legendary Hermitcraft.

    🌍 Explore a Fresh Server:

    🏆 Claim Your Rewards:

    • Seize the opportunity for epic rewards in this exciting league—your chance to stand out and be recognized!

    ⚔️ Choose Your Path:

    • Whether you’re a master builder, redstone wizard, or intrepid explorer, Soulcraft welcomes diverse playstyles.

    ✨ Craft Your Legacy:

    • Be part of a dynamic world where creativity knows no bounds. Shape your destiny and become a Soulcraft legend!

    🚀 Fair Start, Epic Adventures:

    • Experience the thrill of a level playing field as you race to claim the coveted league rewards.

    Join now and let your legend unfold in the Soulcraft server! 🌐

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  • Back2Basics



    Version: LATEST

    Back2Basics is a one of a kind server that started in December of 2023. Our goal is to provide players with a unique place to play survival on with their friends, that isn’t stuffed with 100 random plugins. I’m sure you don’t want to read a whole novel about the server, so here are some important bits:

    Key Features:

    Weekly Events

    Proprietary, fully customizable chunk-based land claiming system (no golden shovel nonsense!)

    Random Teleportation

    Simple economy system

    Keep Inventory

    The overworld will never reset

    The End will reset monthly

    If this sounds like something you could be into, then let’s get Back2Basics!

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  • Ravencraft


    Ravencraft is a growing semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server. We have a staff of friendly mods who have worked together for years, an expanding community of players, and an expanding map for you to explore! We are a group of adults who like to build, explore, experiment, and create together. If you’re looking for a community oriented server where you can hang out with mature folks, come give us a try!

    Server address:



    About us

    • New map for the new year!
    • Periodic world border expansions
    • Hard difficulty. Get a bed from the community storage, you’re gonna need it.
    • Sleep plugin makes nights go faster as more players sleep
    • Firespread is turned ON, y’all!
    • Expanding Overworld road network & Nether tunnel system
    • Established donor base enables us to run on high-end, dedicated hardware
    • Dynmap
    • Discord
    • LGBTQI+ friendly
    • Grown-ass adults

    We’re looking for players who

    • Are 18 and over
    • Don’t use hacks or cheats- no x-ray, baritone, etc.
    • Are respectful of other players. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
    • Want to hang out and chat with some fun and friendly folks while playing the most frustrating, rewarding game we know.

    If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you! We are a greylist server, so you should hop on and have a look, and we’ll set you up with a quick and painless application!

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  • The Mischief

    The Mischief

    Server Name: The Mischief SMP

    • Version: Java Release 1.20.1

    Server address:

    • The Discord –

    Here at The Mischief SMP, our goal is to build a diverse community who have different build and play styles, who can empower each other and work together to build a strong community. We pride ourselves in being player-oriented and listening to the feedback from the players to make sure that we can create the best server dynamic possible!


    • Chestshops: Create your own markets or shops with these easy-to-use chestshops that allow you to buy and sell items.

    • Player driven initiative: We encourage feedback to keep the server fresh and exciting for all players by allowing them to have a voice.

    • Community events and competitions: Take part in numerous events and competitions hosted on the server by the staff and players alike.

    The server is continuously improving, we are consistently thinking of new ideas to create a more exciting experience on the server, we intend to continuously introduce new gameplay features, challenges, and events to keep the experience on The Mischief SMP fresh.

    We use plugins such as the claims plugin so that we are able to allow players to log off without the worry that an unruly player may join and destroy their base and we use chestshops and economy to make a smooth trading experience for everyone! The Mischief SMP is a place where a community can thrive and showcase their building abilities or their PVP abilities, whichever way you play, there’s a place for you!

    The Mischief originates from the name for a group of rats which is a mischief, I (GreenGucciRat) had two pet rats myself who were called Gucci and Pickle, and they were the inspiration for the server which led us to where we are right now!

    We’re constantly evolving and we hope that you’ll join us in our journey 😀

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  • 🐼Panda-Many🐼


    🚀 Embark on a Minecraft Adventure at [Panda Monia!]( 🚀


    Multi-Platform Adventure Awaits!

    Bedrock Port: Default – 19132

    Java Port: Default – 25565

    🔗 Join us on [Discord](

    Join our discord and become part of our small community, access special features such as linking your Minecraft and discord accounts to stay up to date with what’s going on in-game and out.

    🗺️ Uncover the wonders of our server through our [Map](

    We use Dynmap to map the world, have a look and watch it change as time goes on. See big projects and new claims spring to life in real time. Or if you want to scan the world for that perfect spot to build your base.

    Experience Hermitcraft Vibes!!!

    At Panda Monia, we strive to capture the essence of Hermitcraft while embracing a diverse and inclusive community. We’ve taken every step to ensure a fun-filled environment for everyone!

    🏆 Server Competitions

    Join us and take part in our server-wide competitions. New competition comming soon. Open to ideas if you want to help shape something yourself.

    🌟 Discover Unique Features:

    🌈 Friendly Growing Community 🔒 Grief Protection (Claims) 🗣️ Proximity Chat 🌲 Vanilla(ish) Survival 🌍 Chance to Shape a Brand-New Minecraft World 💎 Diamond-Based Economy 🛒 Shops and a Bustling Shopping District 🎭 Vanilla Tweaks (Mob heads, armour stands, mini blocks, and more) 🔄 Crossplay 🚫 No Pay-to-Win – Patreon Unlocks Fun Cosmetic Commands 🎮 Fresh Beginnings, Endless Possibilities!

    🏡 Join Our Vibrant and Small Community!

    Join this new server. We launched 6 months ago so there is still plenty of space for all. We have begun setting up a shopping district and the nether hub and there is still plenty of space for more shops. So if you are looking for a new world to join with a vibrant and small community we are definitely for you. If you’re searching for a new Minecraft home with an active and tight-knit community, Panda Monia is the perfect destination for you.

    🌐 Connect with us at!

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  • Bcraft


    We are an 18+ server that allows both Java and Bedrock players! The server is on 1.20.4 and we are very quick to update to newer version-releases! We keep things as vanilla as possible around here, with some small plugins that add some nice features! 🎮

    We’re all about inclusivity – whether you’re into redstone, an explorer at heart, or love getting creative with builds, you’re welcome here. Same goes with personal beliefs. We are here to play minecraft, No-politic zone! 🌍

    At spawn you will find the heart of our server, the Shopping District. We have a diamond-based economy, inspired by the popular Hermitcraft server! At spawn you will also find 3 additional portals:

    Resource world portal: Takes you to a resource world where you can gather the resources that you need! There is no border in the resource world, but it will get reseted every x-amount of months

    Creative world portal: Takes you to a creative world with plots. There you can design ur builds while still being in contact with the rest of the server!

    Event world portal: Takes you to a world where we host events! 🎉

    All worlds chats are synced, so you can still talk with each other across worlds! 🌐

    I will guarantee you that you will find some cool stuff around the world while roaming around! Alot of old and new lore to learn about:) 🏰

    For Java players, we’ve got a modpack you can jump into. It includes voice chat and a few other handy extras. But dw, It’s all optional! 🛠️

    Our rules are simple: no discrimination, no messing with other people’s stuff, and definitely no cheating. 🚫

    Oh, and one last thing – NEVER TRUST HMITTEN! ❌

    Ready to join us? Just fill out the following short application form: 🚀

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  • Emerald Sky Factory

    Emerald Sky Factory

    🌼 ESF is a semi-vanilla skyblock server dedicated to the ⚙ Create ⚙ mod and addons. If you enjoy building complex contraptions with Create just like us, this server is perfect for you.

    🌍 Featuring a unique two-world setup, you can focus on building without interruption in the sky, or land on the earth to embark on an adventure with zero consequences (it’s an anarchy world so you won’t get banned for anything on the ground). Enjoy the best of both worlds.

    📷 The map will never reset and is open for download. Additionally, you can import any .nbt structures to the server and build them automatically.

    🏭 You don’t have to grind! Sell the produce of your factories to the server then you can purchase all kinds of resources from the market.

    ❤️ Simple and reliable, this is a 24×7 community server with absolutely no pay-to-win elements, no whitelist, or any other restrictions, just connect and play.

    Download this modpack and kickstart your journey today!

    • Join our Discord is optional but very recommended in case you’re lost.
    • Check out our wiki for more details.

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  • 1f2d no rules server

    1f2d no rules server

    1fighter2defenders (1f2d) is a minecraft server with no rules and pvp enabled. The server has been online since 26. April 2021 making it almost 3 years old! Thousands of players have visited the server at least once. Updated to 1.20.4 – 6. January.2024

    Currently trying to revive the server’s playerbase, you can help by spreading the word about our server.

    IP to connect with:

    Versions supported: [1.17 – 1.20.4]

    Discord server:

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  • Alathra: New Frontiers

    Alathra: New Frontiers

    Alathra: New Frontiers

    A Worldbuilding, Geopolitical, Light Roleplay Server.




    Alathra is one of the top searched and played world building server in the world! Maybe you are looking to join one of the grand towns and nations across Alathra. Maybe you want to start your own in undeveloped land. Perhaps your goal is to master trade and become a wealthy merchant. What about starting your own player-run guild, or starting a new religion? Maybe you just want to be a hermit and live alone on a mountain.

    All of this is possible on Alathra because here players tell the story. Alathra is full of characters, nations, cultures, and organizations. Many battles and wars have been fought. There are heroes, there are villains, and plenty that fall somewhere in between. Will you make your mark on the history of Alathra? Start your journey today!

    Key Features:


    Create towns and cities with your friends or join an existing one. With Towny you can claim areas to build safely and store your items. Start a large nation with sprawling cities or create a small farming village. The sky is the limit!

    Lore, RP & Worldbuilding

    One of the key gameplay aspects of Alathra is its lore, roleplay (RP) and geopolitics. The community is constantly creating captivating lore and RP including player-run organizations, events, and religions, as well as conflicts and wars. In Alathra you can create your own unique story, which is bound to intertwine with the stories of others.

    Custom World

    The map of Alathra is completely custom, designed from scratch using a combination of tools to encourage exploration trade and geopolitics. The world consists of continents separated by oceans and is divided into four temperature zones. Along with enhancements to vanilla biomes, the map also includes many new biomes such as red sand deserts, tropical beaches, calcite mountains, giant spruce forests, mangrove islands, prairies, steppes and more! There are also landmarks that can be found throughout the map including volcanoes, salt flats and underground rivers.

    Custom Plugins

    Alathra has its own dedicated team of developers who are consistently develop new plugins and features that give Alathra a unique feel that we guarantee you won’t find on other servers. Some examples include lockpicking, a custom war system, character cards, medieval weapons, a fast travel port system, regional resources and so much more!


    Movecraft is a plugin that allows you to create moveable ships, from small fishing boats to large Man o’ Wars! Fill your ships with chests for trade or line them with cannons for war. The version of Movecraft Alathra uses is also specifically written and configured to allow for naval combat.


    The Brewery plugin allows you to create many different interesting brews as well as the many custom brews that have been made by players. Become your town’s barkeeper! Experiment to see how many of hundreds of custom brews you can discover.

    Custom Mobs and Animals

    We have quite a few custom passive and aggressive mobs, including sharks, giant squid, deer, elephants, moles and boars.

    Custom Nether Mobs and Biomes

    Recently reset our custom nether features uniquely created biomes and custom nether mobs including the Gargoyle, Nether Leech, Hell Hounds and Imps.

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