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haschak sisters Minecraft Servers

Best haschak sisters Minecraft Servers 2024

  • SogCraft MC

    SogCraft MC

    Welcome to SogCraft MC! SogCraft MC is a 1.16.5 modded minecraft server using enigmatica 6 modpack ( Its a pretty relaxed server with a good community.

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  • Rupticmc network

    Rupticmc network

    Our server is dedicated to improving our players’ gameplay by enhancing the regular Minecraft environment! We currently have two modded servers and a survival server that you all can play on! We will soon have many more servers including Vanilla servers!

    Servers:Hub Server (1.8-1.16.1): RESET) Survival Server (1.8-1.16.1): surv.rupticm.comChaotic Crusade Mod Pack Server: cc.rupticmc.comSkyFactory 4 Mod Pack Server:


    Our Website:

    Our Discord:

    Our Webstore:

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  • ⭐JetrixWorld⭐PRIVATE SERVER FREE PASSAGE Minecraft server

    ⭐JetrixWorld⭐PRIVATE SERVER FREE PASSAGE Minecraft server

    Welcome to our vanilla Minecraft server, where an exciting adventure awaits you! Our server was created for those who appreciate the atmosphere of real survival, construction and communication in a friendly community.

    About the server:

    ? Server type: Vanilla+Private

    ⚔️ Mode: Survival

    ? World: Large, diverse and open to exploration (End dimension not yet available)

    ? Economy: Based on the exchange of resources and interaction with other players using our J-Coin currency (it can be seen in the screenshots)

    ? Community: Friendly and helpful, always ready to help new players

    How to join:

    1. Fill out an application in our Discord channel #❗?・write-application❗. Just tell us about yourself.

    2. Afterwards you can get acquainted with all the detailed information about the server in the #?・information channel.

    3. And start building, creating your own kingdom or teaming up with other players for joint adventures!

    Why choose our server?

    – ? A unique gaming experience in a vanilla world without mods or add-ons.

    – ? Opportunity to interact with a friendly and adult community.

    – ? The ability to build anything from modest houses to majestic castles.

    – ? A variety of biomes and unique places to explore (which can be seen on our interactive map)

    – ? Preparing delicious alcohol that will leave you feeling unchildish?

    Join our exciting Minecraft world! Unforgettable adventures, interesting acquaintances and endless opportunities for creativity await you. Stay up to date by joining our Discord community and applying now! ?✨

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  • CubePvp


    Best pvp server to pratice your pvp skills with us cube pvp we active staff plus good anti cheat so get better with us

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  • CrescentCraft


    Welcome to CrescentCraft, known for having a great time. We are a chill SMP, economy, and no grief server where we value our community first and foremost. The server is currently running 1.19.2 and is currently only open to Java players. We have amazing unique features on our server: Bosses, Custom Enchants, Custom weapons and armor, and much more. We are currently in development for adding new features and content. Thanks for your patience!

    Come join us sit back, relax, and let’s have some fun.

    -CrescentCraft Team IP:

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  • Rokucraft – avatar t

    Rokucraft – avatar t

    The 1 re-creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender in Minecraft featuring: Custom bending roleplaying custom tea brewing and hundereds of custom 3D models: Rokucraft has it all After years and years of hard work and contribution we are proud to welcome you to our server

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  • Letnicraft AstroWorld Minecraft server

    Letnicraft AstroWorld Minecraft server

    AstroWorld is a galactic server for the Letnicraft project. The main feature of the server is survival on the moon and other planets without access to Earth and the hellish dimension. On the AstroWorld server you can also create various mechanisms, use them to fly to other planets and explore space.

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  • Timeline MC

    Timeline MC

    What is Timeline MC? A roleplay server and pioneer of the modality. Play a character in the present day during the events in Ukraine and Russia where you can change the course of this war; You can be a military man, a president and make your government.

    We have: – Wars, Weapons, Vehicles of all types: land, air and water. You can join the country you want. Active and pending staff. Ranks, Missions and keys at the best price. Events and Giveaways. Balanced and unique economy system, Protection blocks and stores. – Healthy community. – Version 1.19.3 → 1.8. – Map scale 1:1000

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    6builders6tools is an anarchy server there are no rules you are allowed to do anything including hacking.

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  • Mapachos network

    Mapachos network

    Survival Server 1.16 We have missions, special jobs, boxes with personalized items and many more things, stop by our server and get to know the Mapachos experience!

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