🍂 | Vermont, 1986. The cicadas sing of change.Devil’s Backbone is a whitelisted Minecraft roleplaying experience. Set in 1980s America, the server follows the story of abnormal small town Blackwater Hills.

With a mystery around every corner, Devil’s Backbone Strives to embody a prime literate roleplay environment with an open setting for character exploration.

Ready to board? Join our Discord server to learn more, and experience the server to its fullest when it launches on June 7, 2024.

🔎 | Features

Devil’s Backbone offers a wide variety of immersive features to take your roleplay experience to the next level.

    Fully customizable profile for your character including temporary statuses, viewable by othersOverarching plot to supplement your roleplay80s-themed communication plugin featuring landlines, payphones, and pagersOriginal soundtrack — listen as you play with our audio plugin!Purchasable housing that you can decorate to make the space your ownDetailed fishing pluginRealistic economy and player-owned businessesVarious in-game career opportunitiesDetailed map stocked with an array of locations, rich with environmental storytelling

    . . .And so much more.

• Version 1.19.4 (Optifine)• No mods required• Custom resource pack (with CITs, wearables, and vehicles)

Server IP devilsbackbone.ink

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