Overview of Technut Minecraft Server

When did the server start/reset?
Technut First opened it’s doors on 20th March 2024!
What type of players are we looking for?
We are looking for players with a high amount of motivation and dedication for high effort and long-term projects, as well as players who show a strong drive for community interaction and love the more technical side of Minecraft, whether it be through building or redstone/farming & machinery.
How can I apply?
Apply through our Discord here: https://discord.gg/MgPVcJpnxB!Or, view our website here: https://technutserver.wixsite.com/technut/team-3-1 & see our current projects and dynmap!


Question Answer
Can anyone join the server? No, Technut is a Whitelist only server where players are carefully selected to maintain a positive and creative community.
What mods/plugins does the server use? Technut focuses on Vanilla gameplay but has introduced 1.21 Experimental items and carpet mod for quality of life improvements.
What sets Technut apart from other Minecraft servers? Technut values high standards of building and technical skills, community involvement, and long-term projects that all players contribute to.
How often are server events held? Server events and projects are held regularly to engage the community and showcase their talents.

New Minecraft Server
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