Best limited audience Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Realm of atheria

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    Realm of atheria

    The Realm of Atheria is a vanilla survival experience like no other!With Crates, Voting, McMMO, Slimefun, and many more plugins to keep you crafting, and mining!Join the fun now!

    Now Acceping Donations!

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  • Simplex

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    💎Now celebrating 8 years!💎


    Discord Link


    •Usually 5-10 players onmore on weekends!

    • There are no map resets but the end resets with major updates

    • Player-run shopping district with monthly auctions

    • Land claiming, homes, tpa, and anti-cheat are the only notable add-ons for the server

    • Events like weekly spleef, monthly arena matches, build comps, and seasonal event areas!

    • Active community for eight years, many longtime players and great builds throughout the server!

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  • Janitor’s Closet SMP

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    Janitor’s Closet SMP

    A server that’s main goal is to provide fun worldbuilding via roleplay, nations, and conflict. Come join us in our small but hopefully growing community and make history.

    You can create deep connections between nations and characters, create towns and nations that interact with each other, create history and roleplaying as your character to develop it, and to create an enjoyable server experience for everyone.

    We want players to join and build their own stories, and see how theirs interacts with others in the grand scheme of things.

    Asides from a worldbuilding aspect, we have a friendly community that’s accepting of all peoples (except meanies!), there are in-game community events that everyone has a jolly time in.

    In order to filter out any wrong-doers, we have an application process that shouldn’t be too hard, all you have to do is talk about what you plan to do on the server in terms of interaction and any lore and read some neat rules!

    We hope to see you in the Janitor’s Closet!

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  • LittleDigPlanet

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    My wife and I started playing Minecraft over a decade ago and have grown a healthy community to play with over the years. We of course use Discord and if you’re interested in playing with us, please use the link below to join and tell us a little about yourself before we whitelist you. We try our best to avoid kids and weed out any annoying players, so please don’t join if you fall in these categories. Most of us are in our late 20s/early 30s. Our primary goal is to provide a truly vanilla experience, I’ll include some other various information about our current world and playstyle below.

    • Age 25+, please.
    • No Ranks or Moderator positions. Over the past 10 years my wife and I have run this server independently and successfully. We also play the game by the same rules as all other players.
    • No area claim plugins.
    • We started a new map on June 9th, 2023 with the 1.20 update.
    • The world border is currently set at 10k blocks in every direction from spawn, but will be expanded in the future.
    • We’re a smaller community with usually only ~8-12 players online at peak times
    • Render view distance is set at the maximum of 32 Chunks.
    • We play on Hard difficulty
    • We have a separate Legacy Server to view all our old maps, and a Creative server to play around or practice your build or redstone machine.
    • Our goal is to have as vanilla of an experience as possible, any exceptions to this are listed below.
    • Enderman and Creeper griefing are turned off (Villagers still work for trading and block editing).
    • We use DynMap.
    • We use DiscordSVR which bridges in-game chat with a Discord channel to allow everyone to chat with people in game when they can’t be on.
    • AFK players won’t be counted towards the total number of people needed to sleep in order to turn it to day.
    • We have a plugin that allows players to change their in-game chat text color.
    • The only other plugins we use are for grief protection (including rollback capabilities, chest locking, block edit logging) and chat functionality (changing text colors in game, and in-game chat from our discord server).

    As stated above, join our discord if this is what you’re looking for and tell us about yourself before we whitelist you.

    When you join our discord you will see we have a couple hundred members in our sidebar, but don’t let that turn you off if looking for a small community. A large number of our members have joined in years past and since become inactive, as is the case for any long-term minecraft server.

    See you around!

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  • ProsperSMP

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    LOOKING FOR MATURE PLAYERS who love community builds! I have been hosting for a long time now and I pay for this server! We just launched our new season!

    Come hang out with us on our chill smp! I stream regulary and play with viewers! We are a fun, friendly, and mature community. I try to keep the server as vanilla as possible so no hacks of any sort are allowed.

    Click the link below to join our discord! Our members play a variety of games so I am certain that you will meet someone with similar interests!

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  • No Creepers Allowed!

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    No Creepers Allowed!

    Creating a fun and safe all-womens vanilla minecraft server

    Hello! I’ve personally dealt with being uncomfortable while playing video games due harassment and strange encounters and was looking to maybe create a safe space for women on a (long-term) server where we can play, create, and connect with each other in a safe and fun environment.💗

    Looking to fill the minecraft server with shops, cute houses, and hosting holiday celebrations, competitions, etc. Overall just looking to hopefully create long-lasting friendships and build a community where we can enjoy game nights, book clubs, movie nights, and much more!

    If you’re interested please PM me and include your age and tell me a little bit about yourself! I’m so excited to meet everyone and hopefully create a fun little community ♡⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

    Please note: This server is dedicated to providing a safe space for women to enjoy Minecraft without fear of harassment. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. I will be personally vetting everyone to ensure a safe environment. All time zones welcome 🙂 18+ only!!!!!

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  • SocialSurvival

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    SocialSurvival, otherwise known as Will’s Minecraft Server is a whitelisted, 18+ lightly modified survival SMP server, which was created with the intention of creating a chill and drama free environment for people to play Minecraft and relax, away from children, toxicity, griefers, and other people that do not fit our servers expectations.

    We operate our server under a one strike rulesimply meaning you will treat others the way you want to be treated, you will use common sense to determine whether or not something should be said or done, and you will steer clear from any sensitive discussions and material, including; racial/homophobic slurs, excessive and unnecessary profanity, pornography, and any other content or discussion that is considered controversial or distasteful. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in your immediate removal from our server without warning.

    Our community is welcoming, inclusive, and accepting of people from all walks of life. Unlike other servers, we do not offer a “pay to win” experience, nor do we allow special privileges for anybody. If you are looking for special privileges, staff roles, or are a person who feels like the world revolves around them, this server might not be for you. Everybody on the server is equally a member no matter who you are or how long you have been here. If you are an 18+ applicant and have family members or close friends that are under the required age that want to join, contact Will once you have officially become a member and we will make exceptions depending on the circumstances.

    During your time in our community, you can play with your friends, socialize with others and meet new people, build cool and unique creations that are protected with our grief protection plugins, build a village/town/city/empire and form a civilization, and more! Become apart of a community that values their members and their opinions and ideas. We allow our members a lot of freedom when it comes to what they can build and create, and we are also a streamer/content creator friendly server.

    Some of the other stuff our server offers is grief protection systems, roleplay friendly plugins such as sitting, crawling, and laying down, setting homes, tpr requests, Realistic Seasons plugin, silk spawners, and more to come! We are open to new suggestions and ideas that will benefit the community as a whole and enhance the gameplay experience.

    At the moment, we are a brand new server that doesn’t have many members, so be sure to fill out an application and be able to say you were one of the OG members of Will’s Minecraft Server once our server becomes well known! Applications are currently checked daily (when i’m not busy as I am the only one handling administrative stuff at the moment)


    Submit an application today if you meet our requirements!

    Before you submit your application, be sure to join the Discord server to be given the appropriate roles if your application is accepted.

    Application Link:

    Discord Link:

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  • FlowSMP

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    The new season of Flow SMP just came out join us now! IP:

    Discord: V2.0 === Changelog === - New Spawn Layout: - Overworld spawn redesigned with three zones: - Safe Zone (No PvP, No Building Allowed) - PvP Zone (PvP Enabled, No Building) - Wilderness (Full PvP and Building) - PvP Zone Access: - Use "/warp pvp" to enter the PvP Zone and engage in battles with friends. - Keep inventory is disabled in the PvP Zone for added challenge. - AFK Zone Rework: - AFK system revamped with new rewards and crate drops for active players. - Crates Update: - Minor changes and additions to crates for enhanced rewards. - Leaderboards: - Leaderboards remain unchanged, showcasing top players and achievements. - World Borders: - All borders except the End extended to 10,000 blocks. - The End border extended to 15,000 blocks for expanded exploration. - Effects and Inventory Reset: - Effects and inventory have been reset for a fresh start and balanced gameplay. - Flow Network Changes: - Flow Network renamed to "Flow SMP," removing Flow Generators. - All resources shifted to the lobby and SMP, resulting in a 150% performance improvement. - Strong Advertising: - Advertising will be strong throughout the season, including videos, storyline teasers, trailers, and update videos. - Storyline Development: - Ongoing storyline development with weekly updates from "The Seeker" NPC. - Season Updates: - 8 planned updates for this season, introducing new content, features, and improvements. - Live Event: - Exciting live event scheduled for May 28th, featuring unique challenges and rewards.

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  • FrozenSMP

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    Hi, I am fbievana founder of the FrozenSMP server here on Discord.

    The FrozenSMP server is a tight-knit community that consists of players that enjoy and play minecraft. This server orginally started as a friend-owned and operated community server, but we have decided to open our doors and allow people in.

    Some Info

    1. VERSION: 1.20.4
    2. KeepInventory is Off
    3. Diffculty: Hard

    We use these datapacks

    1. OnePlayersleep
    2. Double Shulker Shells
    3. Player Head Drops

    We also have a creative server to allow players to test their ideas

    We provide

    1. Grief protection and rollbacks
    2. A community
    3. A fully in-house operated server
    4. Discord bridge!
    5. A Live-updating Map

    We have some simple rules

    1. No Griefing
    2. Don’t steal
    3. Most client-side mods are allowed (Things like journey map, and full bright is fine)
    4. Respect other peoples’ choices and respect others boundaries
    5. Don’t build on other peoples builds, try to again follow the previous rule
    6. Be Kind
    7. No exploits/glitches (Duping, etc)

    There is a guiding principle that we have: Moderation should be the last resort, and not the first.

    The plugins we use are

    1. Carbon Chat
    2. DiscordSRV
    3. Coreprotect
    4. Luckperms (internal use)
    5. Freedomchat

    If you want to join, click Here and ask to get whitelisted!

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