Best скачать бесплатно Minecraft Servers 2024

  • PodCraft

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    PodCraft is a new semi-survival server with several optional game enhancing features such as: SignShops for player shops, Mobs drop eggs which can be used on collectable spawners for farms etc. PodCraft also has SlimeFun installed which adds many optional mechanics to the game. Additionally we are running a custom terrain gen installed and have plans for many more features. You may connect using bedrock or java edition. Server info:

    IP: OR **Java edition or Bedrock** Version: 1.20.4 Website: TBA Discord (linked to ingame):

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  • Valerian Meadows

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    Valerian Meadows

    Hello! I’m Toast, The Owner of Valerian Meadows. Let me tell a bit about our brand new Minecraft server. We strive for a welcoming and fun environment for people that come from all walks of life! The gist of the Minecraft server is Farming & Husbandry geared, with custom mod pack to achieve this Aesthetic. Some of out mods include: -WildFarmCraft -Realistic Horse Genetics -AstikorCarts – Botany Pots -Biomes o Plenty -Doggy Talents -Frikinzi’s Fauna -Gems & Jewels -Hardcore revival (Not a hardcore server, this is just for convenience with friends) -Mechanism -Wyrmroost -Untamed wilds And More!

    Recommended Ram Allocation is 5 Gigs Here’s the Link to our [Discord] Hope to see you there!

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  • HomesteadCraft

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    Welcome, Neighbors!

    Looking for a mature and friendly Minecraft community?

    HomesteadCraft SMP is an adult-only server that’s been public for over two years, and we’re excited to welcome you to your new home!

    Where to Find us:


    Live Map


    As an RPG-based server, we’ve got a unique game-play experience that’s tailored to players who enjoy building, crafting, and exploring. Our community is made up of players from all over the world, and we’ve got a large number of regular players who enjoy playing together.

    Our main goal is to provide a fun environment with an old-school feel, where both long-term fans and new players can all get together and have a good time. We pride ourselves on our tight-knit community, and can’t wait to see how we continue to expand.

    We believe in building a place where everyone can enjoy the game together. We’ve got a no-map-reset policy, which means you can build and explore without worrying about losing your progress, but we continue to expand the world border with each major update.

    We also have a claims system in place to protect your creations, in addition to regular world and inventory backups just in case of issues.

    Speaking of some of the plug-ins we use, here’s a few more you’ll find on HomesteadCraft that helps make us special:

    Aurelium Skills – Introduces skills and stats into Minecraft. Such skills include Agility, Excavation, Enchanting, and even Sorcery. Some of the stats include Strength, Regeneration, and Luck.

    Acuteloot – This one adds in literally BILLIONS of new and unique items you can find. There’s things such as specially named items, items with particle effects, and a few unique ones that add some fun mechanics to the game. You can find Acuteloot items in naturally spawned chests, or you might get lucky while enchanting.

    In addition to the usual server accouterments, we also have an active Discord community where players can chat and hang out. Our in-game chat is also linked to the main Discord channel, so even when you aren’t at your computer, you can stay connected! Here, you can chat, share builds, post shop ads, and stay up-to-date on all the goodies and news.

    Now the nitty-gritty The rules. We don’t have many, and most of it boils down to…

    Rule #1. Don’t be a jerk!

    Rule #2. 21+ only. We are an adult community for many reasons.

    Rule #3. We do NOT tolerate ANY hate speech or derogatory language. Full stop. If you have to ask if it counts, it probably does.

    So, if you’re looking for a unique Minecraft experience with a mature and friendly community, then HomesteadCraft SMP is the server for you. Join us now and become a part of our amazing community!

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  • PlongieCraft

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    Not a professional host just looking some players to join my modded SMP to help pass time through a difficult time in my life.

    Ive got a stable version of my own 1.20.1 modpack that has Irons Magic mod, The Aether, Blueskies, Better End, Aquamirae, Yung’s structure mods, Better Minecarts, Recruits and a couple more smaller mods that don’t really mess with vanilla gameplay. Ive picked versions of the mods that balance well with 1.20.1 gameplay pacing and its been a blast with my buddy. Im hoping to find other people who want to come to the server and become mages and knights who will start their own survival adventure so we can build a little community. (One with trading and group battles and more!)

    We welcome builders as we love building things with the challenge of survival: The server is on hard mode, and GRIEFING/raiding bases is NOT tolerated! We dont want players stealing from each others bases or destroying other’s hard work so I am taking backups of the worlds. That said, we all love the idea PVP and having a dedicated area and organized Battles. There is already a colosseum for settling 1v1/2v2 personal beef and a big field area for battling with recruits and magic! Come be a wizard who researches their own spells or a the lord of a castle who commands an army of recruits, or just come and play good old survival minecraft.

    PM if you are interested or reply to this! I am no professional host and i’m just looking for some new friends that will help pass the time during this difficult period in my life. I am always open to mod suggestions or questions.

    Ip not configured for another hour or so, so i am putting a FAKE IP: for now to stop the bots from flagging this post and preventing me from making friends lol

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  • VastalaMC

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    🏆 Active and Daily Online Community

    💵 Functioning Economy with Spawners and Farming

    ☎️ None of that Pay to Win BS!

    🍄 Diplomacy, Geopolitics and Nations Galore!

    🌸 Bedrock and Java Compatible! 🌈 JOIN THE DISCORD FOR THE IP!


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  • United Lands

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    United Lands

    Welcome to United Lands, a unique Towny-based Earth SMP experience! Discover our immersive features:

    📸 Video Trailer: Watch our exciting trailer showcasing war, masterwork gear, and vibrant towns on the server. Watch here:

    🌎 Explore the World: Delve into our 1:500 Earth-based map! Nations can claim unlimited lands with low upkeep costs, shaping borders as needed. Discounts available for larger groups.

    ⚒️ Gameplay: Engage in town building, land claiming, and immersive RP. Collect custom items like rifles and unique food, such as mangoes, rice, croissants, and sushi!

    ⬆️ Progression: Forge your path through diverse avenues:

    Choose from 7 unique jobs with skill trees for enhanced abilities.

    Unlock powerful components of Masterwork Armor through skill progression.

    Access player upgrades for increased convenience, like extra storage and additional /sethomes.

    💰 Thriving Economy: Experience a player-driven marketplace (accessed via /mp) for buying, selling, and trading items. Utilize currency for upgrades, skills, and upkeep. No forced prices or admin shops!

    💸 Non-P2W Environment: United Lands takes a stand against pay-to-win schemes. All store items are purely cosmetic, ensuring fairness and balance. Donations solely support the server without providing unfair advantages.

    ⚔️ Epic Wars & Combat: Immerse yourself in our unique warring system for towns and nations. Join for thrilling battles, rewarding experiences, and the pride of victory. Fight alongside friends against towns and nations alike.

    Join us at United Lands and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

    📑 IP┋ 📑

    💬 Discord ┋ 💬

    🗺 Map┋ 🗺

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  • ThistleMC

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    ThistleMC is a Minecraft Survival Server With a few fun plugins and aspects!

    Java + Bedrock IP:

    Port: 25642


    Version: 1.20


    We are actively seeking to grow our community and provide a server for everyone to have fun on! As of right now, the server only has Survival, but we are planning to add many many more servers, such as Pixelmon, Skyblock and more in the future when the server is more active! I made this server to bring people together and to build a friendly community. Our dream is to have a fairly big Minecraft server that everyone enjoys playing on.

    We have various fun activities for the playerbase to do and enjoy such as:

    ❀ Quest’s around spawn and in their own questing town, that happen either daily or every few months of varying difficulty and reward. More quest’s will be added over time that will either give perks of in game money.

    ❀ A Head Hunt that takes you all over the spawn we have that show’s you different area’s in the spawn which gives money rewards and a key reward once you find all heads.

    To play and join our growing community, join us on! 🙂

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  • Kingdoms of Auriwind

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    Kingdoms of Auriwind

    Kingdoms of Auriwind is a brand new modded SMP. The server is geared towards story driven RP.

    As you slowly awaken from unconsciousness, your senses are filled with the smell of saltwater and damp earth. Disoriented and disheveled, you look around and take in your surroundings. The walls of this unknown shrine are adorned with ancient carvings and faded paintings, telling a story of a lost civilization. As you stumble through the rubble and decay, you come across old text etched into stone tablets, revealing the name of this place: the Ruined Lands of Auriwind. Memories flood back to you as you realize that you have survived a treacherous shipwreck to end up in this mysterious and forgotten land. A chill runs down your spine as you contemplate what dangers and secrets await you in this desolate place. What to expect in this server This server is Forge 1.20.1 and requires Forge ver 47.2.0 otherwise some mods may not work!

    I’m not going to sugar coat it, there are quite a few mods on this server. There are 229 mods alot are coremods and optional clientside mods The Main mods on there server are Origins(Forge), Ice and Fire, apotheosis, Minecolonies, Ars Magica, and Create.

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  • Emerald Sky Factory

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    Emerald Sky Factory

    🌼 ESF is a semi-vanilla skyblock server dedicated to the ⚙ Create ⚙ mod and addons. If you enjoy building complex contraptions with Create just like us, this server is perfect for you.

    🌍 Featuring a unique two-world setup, you can focus on building without interruption in the sky, or land on the earth to embark on an adventure with zero consequences (it’s an anarchy world so you won’t get banned for anything on the ground). Enjoy the best of both worlds.

    📷 The map will never reset and is open for download. Additionally, you can import any .nbt structures to the server and build them automatically.

    🏭 You don’t have to grind! Sell the produce of your factories to the server then you can purchase all kinds of resources from the market.

    ❤️ Simple and reliable, this is a 24×7 community server with absolutely no pay-to-win elements, no whitelist, or any other restrictions, just connect and play.

    Download this modpack and kickstart your journey today!

    • Join our Discord is optional but very recommended in case you’re lost.
    • Check out our wiki for more details.

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  • Memelands

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    Hello everyone!

    Memelands is a 1.20.2 SMP with a close-knit and driven community looking for active long term players over the age of 15. We have been playing on the current map since 2019, so there are loads of unique builds and history to discover! And we will never reset the map, so everything you build on the server will stay there forever and you don’t have to worry about a “new season” wiping your progress.

    We have players from multiple time zones all over the world, ensuring that the server stays active around the clock. There are events on the server every so often, ranging from jeopardy nights to build contests and sporting activities such as the Memelands olympics. These events are usually held at a time where the most players are able to join in.

    We are looking for creative individuals who will want to contribute to our server and be a part of a great community and, most importantly, have fun. The type of player who stops playing on worlds when “everything has been completed” is the complete opposite of what we are looking for.

    The server is completely vanilla with the exception of a few essential datapacks (such as 1-player sleep) and protective plugins (we use CoreProtect to detect thieves and griefers). The server is largely owned and run by the community. Financing is done through a yearly donation box and votes are held when important decisions about the server are to be made.

    We have a website where blog posts about the server can be submitted and we also have a Dynmap page where the map (Google Earth-esque) can be viewed live!

    Our goal is to create a larger community full of fun and active players!

    Basic rules: (more detailed list in our Discord server and website)

    • No stealing, griefing or hacking.
    • Be mature and friendly. Respect other’s builds.
    • No bullying, racism, or harassing other players.

    (If you see someone breaking a rule you should immediately report the player to an admin)

    A whitelist and application system is in place to make sure that our new members are welcomed into a secure environment.

    Application: CLICK HERE

    Server IP:

    Note that you do have to be aged 15 or older to apply.

    Minecraft is full of endless possibilities, and this is a great place to explore them. We hope you will come join us! 🙂

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