Welcome to the most epic Minecraft server you’ll ever experience! Join now for a chance to raid with 12 of the fiercest warriors in a mind-blowing 12-man instance. Our new map is so good, you’ll never want to leave. And don’t even get us started on the new weapons and perks – they’re a blast!

But wait, there’s more! Create your own spec with our Prismatic build system and dominate the competition. The music and art direction will blow your mind, and the ending is actually satisfying – unlike that show you binge-watched last week.

Get ready for some crazy storylines, like the Maya sundaresh/Lakshmi season where you’ll uncover the origins of the vex, or the Bloodborne season where you’ll battle scorn vampires. And who could forget returning to the Dreadnought as it decomposes to become the new navigator and leave the Sol System? How did we pull it off after all the bullshit? Join now to find out!

New Minecraft Server
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