Welcome to the most epic Minecraft server you’ll ever experience! We don’t just build blocks here, we create entire universes with our imagination! Join us and become a part of the RappyDeathsquad, Daikkuri, Tendoku, Toblerone, Oyasumi, Stardust Drive, or Mitsuba alliances – or create your own group chat exclusive Ship 4!

But that’s not all, our server is so advanced that we have Scratch Tickets for exclusive in-game fashion items, just like in Phantasy Star Online 2! And don’t forget to check out our NGS Headline videos for the latest news and events – it’s like being in a virtual world within a virtual world!

New Minecraft Servers - CraftyStar Online 2 Minecraft Server

Need help with your NGS Damage Calculator? We got you covered with our data verification sheets and item codes. And if you’re feeling fashionable, dive into our Fashion History archives and become the trendsetter of the server!

Join us now and be a part of the craziest Minecraft server you’ll ever encounter. Who needs reality when you have a virtual world this epic? Let’s build, explore, and conquer together!

New Minecraft Server
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